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Ones To Watch - Vessel

The latest LP release from Tri-Angle this year is ‘Order Of Noise’, the debut album of Bristol native Vessel who impressed in 2011 with, amongst others, his ‘Nylon Sunset’ EP for  Throwing Snow’s left_blank label. Whilst the EP showcased his ear for blissful down-tempo house, ‘Order Of Noise’ is an altogether different creature; more ambitious, more dramatic, it pulls through some seriously dark recesses of techno and electronica as part of a conscious sonic evolution.

“I don’t see it as simply a progression from one style to the next,” Vessel says. “It stays in more or less the same place, albeit with more layers. It’s onion music. The album is a cohesive body of work, whereas the last EP was a selection of tracks that were made isolated from one another rather than as parts of a whole.”

‘Order Of Noise’ is indeed a cohesive LP, and a very accomplished debut for it. It’s the finest showcase of his talent to date and is a great representation of his involvement in the Young Echo collective alongside Punch Drunk signees Kahn and Zhou, and fellow left_blank producer El Kid.    Whilst his home’s rich musical history has been oft-noted, it’s not something that necessarily defines Vessel stylistically.

“I think we see ourselves as fully supporting the Bristol scene but not necessarily beholden to it. Bristol has a great history of collective musical activity; Massive Attack, The Wild Bunch, Skull Disco, Full Cycle - groups of people with disparate interests making something unique. I like to think that we see ourselves working in a similar vein.”

This respectful awareness of the recent past and an impressive series of releases mixed with a heady excitement for the future (“I’m happy to be keeping such talented company at Tri-Angle”) can only bode well for Vessel and Young Echo.

Words: Laura Martin
Photography: Cameron Alexander
Hair And Make-Up: Anne Sophie Costa using MAC

WHERE: Bristol
WHAT: Brooding experimental Techno
GET 3 SONGS: 'Court Of Lions', 'Plane Curves', 'Nylon Sunset'
UNIQUE FACT: Vessel likes Gabba because "it's funny" in comparison to most "very serious" electronic music.


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