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Every season one or two dance albums toddle out the rave mist and knock us on our musical ass with seductive aplomb. ‘In Time’ by Amirali is the latest offering to do just that.

Born in Iran, Amirali then spent his teens in Toronto listening to Sasha, Danny Tenaglia and Danny Howells alongside his dad’s jazz and rock records. From here he made the leap across the Atlantic to nail an architecture degree whilst finding himself amongst the genesis of his debut LP on Damian Lazarus’s Crosstown Rebels label.

Interestingly, Amirali sees his music production in the same structural terms as his development of architecture: “I think there’s a relation between the two. In my mind, I try to create something that invokes emotion in the audience, like you’re required to bring our imagination to life, in all fields of music. I had the paradigms already in place for it.” The music he makes is deep, melancholic house. Not only does he play every instrument you hear, Amirali also sings. It’s a laconic and existential texture, reminiscent of Alex Smoke or Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan at his more introspective.

Not surprisingly his soul is open to the angles and issues we find in life and he’s prone to be influenced by his surroundings: “Yeah, I think I’m really emotional. I’m affected by the seasons for example, I’m more of a wintery guy. I work a lot better during winter and this is when I wrote most of the album.”

His next plan is to convert his seductive house music into a live band, (much like Matthew Dear or Adam Freeland) to take his analogue dreams to their true destination. “I want to take the next step and start working with a band because it’s a totally different world and would be an amazing experience. And it feels way more real.”

What: Melancholic house
Where: London, via Toronto and Tehran
Get 3 songs: ‘Beautiful World’, ‘Midnight Train’, ‘Hear Me’
Unique Fact: Amirali has been growing his current moustache for around 10 years since coming to the UK.

WORDS: Matthew Bennett
PHOTOGRAPHY: Cameron Alexander
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Anne Sophie Costa using MAC



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