Low-bugdet, low-fidelity electropop

Making an example out of agoraphobic whizz kids everywhere is Georgia’s newest rising star, twenty-seven-year-old Ernest Greene.

Currently working under the moniker Washed Out, Ernest is a musical chameleon of sorts, an open-minded experimentalist who has in the past flitted between both instrumental hip-hop and lo-fi indie projects with equal ease. But it would appear that he has his sights set for now on the electronic world.

Highly reminiscent of woozy synthpop crooners, Neon Indian, Washed Out is low-bugdet, low-fidelity electropop for the dreamy generation. “My music is definitely a lot more naive sounding than Neon Indian,” he says of the above comparison. “He’s (Alex Palomo) better at production than I am whereas I approach music more from a songwriting angle.”

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And Ernest admits that he is something of a loner, shunning the outside world to spend hours locked away diligently practising his craft. But like so many others, it is this elusiveness that makes him so alluring. “My work is very hands-on and I don’t like involving other people,” he says. “I’m quite selfish as I like to be in control of everything. I think I would be in way over my head if I was to go to a proper studio with an in-house producer. Especially when it comes to equipment, because the stuff I use now is pretty ancient.”

With a mixed palate of musical tastes, Ernest confesses that he has had to take a crash course in contemporary music to catch up. “I didn’t get into hip-hop until I went to college. Before that I was writing songs on the guitar,” he remarks. “When I started making beats on the computer, it obviously completely changed the way I made music. Growing up in a small town, I’ve definitely arrived a little bit late to the party and have had to properly dig back to catch up”.

But he admits that he is still finding his feet with Washed Out. “I started writing Washed Out material last spring (his debut EP ‘Life Of Leisure’ is out now on Mexican Summer). When the songs surfaced it was late summer so I got thrown in with all that beach stuff,” he says. “I was definitely going for that kind of vibe because at the time I didn’t have a job and I was able to go to the beach a lot. But I’m still figuring out what my sound really is and how best to approach it.”

With his debut album scheduled for May, Ernest hopes to get over to the UK at some point this year, but finds the idea of playing live a pretty daunting prospect. “I’m really comfortable with recording but I’m still working out how to do a live show and it’s all a bit challenging to be honest,” he admits. “I’m actually going to be playing with a backing band on the album so that should take the heat off me a little I guess.”

Let’s hope he can get over his stage fright soon for we would love to see the man in action...

Words by April Welsh

Where: Georgia
What: Dreamy bedroom beats
Unique Fact: Ernest Greene is in a lo-fi indie project called Lee Weather.
Get 3 songs: ‘Feel It All Around’, ‘Belong’, ‘You’ll See It’

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