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Ones To Watch - Gwilym Gold

“Give yourself another chance,” runs the line in Golden Silvers’ 2009 single ‘True Romance’. Gwilym Gold, former frontman of the now defunct angular popsters has done exactly that. Going it alone, Gwilym has hatched a double-edged masterplan. As well as modifying his own creative output, he’s having a punt at the consumption of new music too.

Gone is the catchy indie-pop, in its place a carefully crafted, undulating hush - all deep vocals and rippling beats (see single ‘Flesh Freeze’). That’s not all that’s changed. Gwilym will release his music via Bronze, a computer format that “transforms every aspect of the music in real time on every play.” That’s a unique version every single time you hit play.

“Bronze allows the music to exist in the way Lexxx [production] and I want, in a constant state of renewal, even after a thousand plays it does surprising and exciting things,” he says.

Gwilym describes the complicated creative process (both of the format and the songs) as “frustrating, but definitely worth the wait.” So where did the songs you’ll soon be listening to on the Bronze player on your computer or smartphone, come from?

“I spent time getting inside the art of songwriting, it feels like the doors have been blown off, everything I’ve done before has been leading to this. I want to let machinery play its part in creating something organic, maybe even spiritual,” he smiles.

This wildly creative musician has given himself another chance; you can bet he’ll take it.

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Photos by Samuel John Butt

Where: London, UK
What: Beautifully dark modern pop
Unique Fact: Gwilym compares his songwriting experiences to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Tower Of Song’.
Get 3 songs: ‘Flesh Freeze’, ‘Everything Is Beautiful’, ‘If You Want To Reach Me’ (remix for Bullion)

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