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Ones To Watch - Francis Neve

To celebrate the end of the week (hurrah!), and reward you for getting through your respective post-Glastonbury meltdowns, Clash is premiering the new Francis Neve video for your viewing pleasure. Taken from last year’s self-released debut, The Second Time We First Met, the concept album tracks the story between two people, often at its most common emotional denominator. We gave the man himself a call (while he was on-site as a sound engineer for the Pyramid stage) to get his interpretation and to find out what’s coming next.

Can you talk us through the video concept for ‘I Wont Make You Better’?

We set out to do everything ourselves, so the video has been done by a really close friend of mine, Brad Velander. We worked on the artwork and the ideas together and then he made it happen on a complete shoestring budget. So we normally try and come up with a few visually clever ideas with the footage but this time he’s come out with this animated world, which is completely different to anything we’ve done before.

The single is from the album?

Yeah, the album, Second Time We First Met, was released last year. Because it was all self-released - I made my own label to release it - we decided to bring the album out as a product first and then see how it went and what people liked and then decide the singles on that. That’s gone quite well but depending on how well the next single goes we might re-release the album with some bonus tracks on it. We’re just feeling our way through – there aren’t any specific rules - we can make it up as we go along.

When did you write the album?

I wrote the album over about eighteen months. It was written as I made it. It wasn’t like I had a load of songs and then chucked them down. It took a while. It was around 2009 and then we released it September 2010.

Did you write the album?

I made the album myself really. Some of the guys who play live came along and really helped out with some great melodies but the next lot of stuff we do we’re going to try and do a lot more collaboration. It’s far better, at least for me, when I’ve got some input. Or else I’ll just take far too long making decisions. I procrastinate far too much over small things. It wont be that we’ll lock ourselves away or anything like that but I’ll have the ideas and then bring them to the guys and get their input and vice versa. We’ve started doing demos and it’s producing a really different sound.

What kind of stuff are you listening to?

I’ve not obsessively listened to music for a while now. I’ve really gotten into songs, it used to be that I loved albums. Now I’ll just like one song by an artist. I’m getting pickier I suppose. I’ve been really influenced by stuff like LCD Soundsystem where they make things sound electronic but they’re actually acoustic. But then none of my music sounds like them, it’s more like the sounds and the moves that they make that I like.

What would you say your sound is?

I’d say it’s quite lo-fi emotive pop. ‘Indie’ is such a loose term now, it is independent but that’s about as indie as it gets.

What does the next year hold?

I definitely want to finish off this bunch of tracks that I’m working on right now and to get a live production going. Hopefully later on in the year we can put on a showcase and hire out a venue and put on something really special. Maybe try and get an EP out or rerelease the album with some bonus tracks.

Watch the video for ‘I Won't Make It Better’ below.

Words by Sam Ballard

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