One Shot: SuperJazzClub Interviewed

A one-off special with the DIY Ghanaian collective...

SuperJazzClub are the future.

A collective comprising interdisciplinary creatives, BiQo, Øbed, Seyyoh, Tano Jackson, Joeyturks, Ansah Live and Anthony Orleans-Lindsay, SuperJazzClub’s roots are proudly Ghanaian but their influences stretch beyond borders. The collective have found support in diasporic hotspots in and around Europe; their bossa-inflected single ‘Mad’ was the sole focus of a Parisian press stop and the nocturnal breakbeat anthem ‘3 in the Morning’ is indebted to the UK underground. Recorded in Paris, New York and Accra, new single ‘AMINA’ caps off a prolific year on the road, another vitrine of the collective’s versatility and cross-cultural experimentation.

CLASH caught up with SuperJazzClub on their London stopover earlier this year to talk origin stories, the revolving door of their fluid line-up, the desire to create and disseminate music beyond the mainstream Afrobeats takeover, and the anarchic spirit at the heart of their offerings.

Tune into the conversation now…

Interview: Shahzaib Hussain

Production: Garry Jones

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