Offica Breaks Down New ‘Hokage’ Project

It's a powerful new release...

Offica has always been closely aware of two aspects to his identity. Born in Nigeria, he’s proud of his heritage, and the familial links that keep him tied to the continent.

Yet he was raised in Ireland, and retains a huge love for the country that nurtured him. Often tempted by the bright lights of London, he remains based in Ireland, continually repping the rap communities that mean the world to him.

New project ‘Hokage’ is out now. A fierce spitter who continually switches it up, Offica’s approach to rap borrows from multiple strands – major hip-hop releases, afrobeats, UK rap aspects – to create an entirely distinctive voice.

Part One – ‘Hokage In Drogheda’ – leans on these more ‘classic’ aspects, discussing life in Ireland with unflinching honesty. Introspective at times, he’s also capable of hitting hard, illuminating his work with a rare sense of energy.

Switching it up, the second part of the tape – ‘Hokage In Lagos’ – honours afrobeats greats, detailing the sounds that sparked a fire in his youth.

Speaking about the musical duality that the tape represents, Offica says… 

“Growing up in Ireland my parents always spoke Yoruba to us, so we understand the language and culture, but obviously living in Ireland all my life I’ve adapted to the Irish way of life. I feel like Nigeria is a huge part of me and so is being Irish so I wanted to reflect both sides in my first full project.”

In this exclusive guide, Offica breaks down ‘Hokage’ for Clash readers.

1. ‘Genesis’ is really just me talking about how this time in my life feels like the beginning of a new chapter ahead for me.

2. ‘Hokage’ is a response to people calling me the Hokage (pioneer) in Ireland and I reckon I am.

3. ‘Overthinker’ – The lyrics talk about my mind and how I tend to overanalyse. It really is a journey into the overthinker’s mind.

4. ‘But God’ – The lyrics tell the story of a challenging year, but through it all, I found strength in my faith. It’s an appreciation of God’s support during difficult times.

5. ‘Fast Gas’ – My people are perishing for the love of fast gas and I just wanted to expose the pandemic.

6. ‘Living Proof’ is a celebration of personal growth and resilience to be honest. It’s a musical journey through the challenges and victories that have shaped me into who I am today.

7. ‘Sharingan’ – Honestly, this song is just a personal favourite of mine.

8. ‘I Know’ – This song is me acknowledging things that people have told me throughout my career. Particularly on this track, it’s based on the comment I get a lot from people telling me that if I moved to the UK, I would be a bigger artist, and my response is I know:

9. ‘Dedication’ – Honestly it’s in the title.. I’m really dedicated. This is a song that talks about the discipline and passion towards my career as an artist. 

10. ‘Have Fun’ – I’m just having fun with it and this track talks about the importance of enjoying the creative process. It’s a track that reflects my love for what I do.

11. ‘Obito’ – In this song I talk about people thinking I was gone but I’m actually back on the mic. It is basically a musical comeback.

12. ‘Stick To The Plan’ – Me and my team are sticking to the plan to make it to the top.

13. ‘A92 Anthem’ – Got all my brothers on the track and had some fun with it.

14. ‘Bluebird’ is a fan favourite. I really enjoyed recording this in the studio so its nice to see fans enjoy it too.

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