Ocean Wisdom On The Genius Of Dizzee Rascal

Ocean Wisdom On The Genius Of Dizzee Rascal

Picking out some of Dizzee's finest bars...

Ocean Wisdom has always wanted to do things his own way.

An MC who have carved out his own lane, the rapper takes from UK hip-hop and beyond to forge something fresh.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't have individual influences. Recently launching his own Beyond Measure Records imprint, Ocean hooked up with a boyhood hero for his new single.

Out now, 'BLESSED' was produced by Dark Heart and it's a dank, atmospheric roller, with the piano touches in the arrangement pushing a different energy into the track.

Pairing Ocean Wisdom against none other than Dizzee Rascal, it's a bruising collaboration, from two distinct artists who seem to have natural chemistry in the studio.

A colossal return, Clash sought out Ocean Wisdom to find out his favourite Dizzee Rascal bars...

- - -

Raskit boy in da corner I still roll deep...

This lyric made me want to start rapping. I actually had a lyric from '09 about how this lyric made me want to start rapping...

- - -

Act like a bitch go fetch your make up / I'm streetwise hang wid dem fat guys / baptise make a whole crew capsize / slap guys, that wanna tell pork pies / raskit known to attack guys, no lies, make a guy recognise / when I bore through there's no clear skies

Ahhhhh lowit! Imma punch my phone! DON'T GAS ME. That flow is disgusting...

- - -

Let's talk about over excited brehs on the road / That break all street honorary codes / Can't get a real name for themselves, living of reflected glory living of FACE

Can I get a lil space, all complaints aside cos I appreciate the love I know you feel the vibe / I understand what it takes to swallow your pride and give a boy ratings, and props / but I believe that's where it stops, maybe a hug or a cuddle at tops / but please don't congregate all around me drown intoxicate and surround me just for the FACE...


My coat tails are covered in wrinkles from man tryna get a free trip so this one spoke to my soul... fr fr!

- - -

Demand, collect, cash... upfront and correct, pay money... pay respect... don't insult my intellect...

This might as well be my mantra. Dizzee is one of the reasons I know my worth and never fold.

- - -

You need a Hardback, stern face / Play your position and know your place / Only move when the money's callin' / Take my advice, you'll be ballin'

Big facts.. some good advice that always stayed with me and answered a lot of questions I had as a novice MC.

- - -

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