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Word of mouth spread quick on Nina Nastasia.

Recording her debut album 'Dogs' in 2000 the singer could only afford to press 1500 copies. Sitting up all night in her apartment Nastasia put the sleeves together by hand, mailing them out to fans.

Handed a copy by Steve Albini, legendary DJ John Peel fell in love with Nina Nastasia's music. Sparking a growing cult phenomenon, the American singer released her latest album 'You Follow Me' in 2007 before deciding to take a break.

Easing herself away from music, Nastasia instead found creativity flowing through her. Hooking up with long term producer Steve Albini, the singer has crafted a typically affecting collection of new songs.

'Outlaster' is due to be released on June 7th, with Nina Nastasia on stunning form. Accompanied by a sparse group of musicians, the singer's voice is wrapped in a tiny orchestra assembled by Paul Bryan.

The result is one of her strongest albums to date. 'Outlaster' matches the economy of Nina Nastasia's songwriting with confident, even lush arrangements. Early reviews have only whetted fans appetites, meaning that ClashMusic are proud to offer a sneak preview of the new album.

Taken from 'Outlaster', ClashMusic can exclusively offer album track 'You're A Holy Man' as a free download. A deeply meditative work, it finds Nina Nastasia exploring religious themes in a manner which is intelligent without being preachy, mature without losing a sense of her youth.

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Nina Nastasia is set to release 'Outlaster' on June 7th. Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Cry, Cry, Baby
2. Moves Away
3. You’re a Holy Man
4. You Can Take Your Time
5. This Familiar Way
6. What’s Out There
7. A Kind of Courage
8. Wakes
9. One Way Out
10. Outlaster

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