It's a communal effort...
Night Flowers

Normally when Clash invites a band to chair our weekly singles column, one member will take the reins.

Night Flowers, though, weren't about to be parted from one another. This week's column is a true group effort, with the dream pop outfit taking one single each.

It's in keeping with their group ethic, with their commitment to working in a communal fashion. Rooted in London, Night Flowers have international origins, but their shared vision seems to make everything work.

New single 'Glow In The Dark' arrives on July 15th - check it out below, then find the band's thoughts on the latest releases.

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PJ Harvey - 'The Orange Monkey' (Greg - Guitar, Vocals)

So my initial thought was, ‘This must be the first ever song with the word monkey in the title that isn’t rubbish’, but then as I started to think about it, I realised there are somehow actually loads of good monkey songs... Anyway, Polly Jean is basically the real queen of England and can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes and I’m enjoying this - I love the the ‘ah-ah’ refrain throughout. I think the only time Chris (guitar) and I ever got close to an argument was a super drunken one over which the best PJ Harvey album was.

- - -

The Chainsmokers - 'Don't Let Me Down' (Zebedee, Drums)

When you're in a fight and your friend promised to help you but he dosent show up.
When you buy a cheap heater and your cold.
When u lose ur mom in a small ass store like Bruh idk how thf i lost her in that small ass store.
When the food taste disgusting on the first bite, but you still got hope.

- - -

Ronan Keating - 'As Long As We're In Love' (Sam, Bass)

Oh, Ronan. I tried to like it, I really did. It would be too easy to slag off a song by Ronan Keating, so I’m going to compromise by going on record as saying that 'Life Is a Rollercoaster' is a stunning pop song. That song still gets stuck in my head now, and I’d be incredibly surprised if I can remember how this one goes tomorrow. A drab song, that's all 'two lovers against the world' and no decent chorus to back up his claims. You say it best, when you have a catchy melody.

- - -

Lianne La Havas - 'Midnight' (Sophia, Vocals)

Totally addicted to her voice - spread it on toast for all my midnight snacks. I love watching her acoustic sessions on YouTube and I gotta say I’m more into her intimate recordings, she just totally grabs me. This recording of 'Midnight' is more outward I guess, with the brass, piano and effects, so I end up craving her raw vocals and silky guitar lines. I would absolutely love to sit in a small room with her somewhere as she plays for hours.

- - -

Bring Me The Horizon - 'Avalanche' (Chris, guitar)

On first listen to 'Avalanche' I was amazed at how commercial Bring Me The Horizon have become since their early days. Oli (lead vocalist) is now belting out emo style vocals with the guitars and drums bringing the weight and heaviness that I remember them for. I'm not massively in to the lyrics for the track but the overall sound is very well produced offering a huge wall of sound with thick guitar tones and punchy synths which sound great. It's ace to hear that they're doing well and still rocking but I doubt I'll be revisiting this tune again in a hurry.

- - -

Panic At The Disco – 'Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time' (All of us)


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Catch Night Flowers at the following shows:

15 London The Victoria (7” launch party)

6 Hull Humber Street Sesh Festival
17 London The Social

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