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Crazy homeless men screaming bloody murder in London Fields don’t tend to end up being the inspiration behind naming your band - but you may not have met Tempesst yet. They are the globally adventurous, soul-infused rocker quintet jamming in Hackney for your pleasure.

“We were trying to think of a name and one day I was walking through London Fields and this crazy homeless guy came up to me and was screaming: Tempest! We had to add the extra S because there is an 80s Celtic rock band in San Francisco called Tempest and they weren’t too happy about us lending their name” says Toma, owner to the sultry, Turner-esque vocals and player of guitar.

“Andy (drums) and I are twin brothers.” Toma continues. “We met Kane (keyboard) at around 12 years old at a Blue Light Disco, a disco for teenagers ran by the police back home. Blake (bass) was our next door neighbour. The four of us are Australian. We met Eric (guitar) at a house party in London shortly after he moved here from Switzerland. We started making music together in London a couple of years ago.”

A couple of years doesn’t seem to add up when you listen to their latest EP ‘Doomsday’. It’s rare that you find a band without a debut album that already sounds so polished and well assembled. A month onwards from the EP’s release, and Toma is feeling good. “We feel like this EP is a progression for us musically and people seem to like it too.”

The EP’s title is incredibly fitting once you listen through and learn the contents - “‘Doomsday' is an exploration of Donald Trump’s USA, our general anxiety, and lack of sleep. Lyrically, I wouldn’t say that we were inspired by anyone in particular. Musically, we were referencing Todd Rundgren and ELO.”

There’s slowly evidence building towards Aussie’s doing it best when it come to new wave psychedelic rock, as Tempesst enter the ranks alongside Tame Impala with their lucid approach to what should and shouldn’t be.

“Our style has recently been described as 'swirly rock'. Not quite sure what that means but I guess it leaves more to the imagination.” Safe to say, whatever their sound is or isn’t, it most definitely is very cool.

To celebrate the release of ‘Doomsday” of course a mini tour was in order. ‘Eric’s Dream’ is a band favourite to perform live, but where are the favourite places? “Manchester is a lot of fun. We’re also heading to a bunch of new cities this tour, so we will have to keep you posted."

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Tempesst's remaining tour dates can be found below.

27 London The Victoria
29 Southampton Heartbreakers

Words: Laura Copley

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