New Order

The story behind the cover

The new issue of Clash Magazine is out now with a cover designed by Studio Parris Wakefield dedicated to 30 years of New Order. Below you can read the art directors’ thoughts behind the cover and an excerpt of Paul Morley’s feature on the band including all new interviews with the members HERE.

This issue’s cover was designed by New Order’s Art Director, Howard Wakefield. Here’s his thoughts behind his creation…

“For this month’s cover, I was asked to celebrate thirty years of New Order. I have been fortunate enough to design (with Peter Saville) New Order sleeves for twenty of those years and this was a real honour. But one image to illustrate thirty years?

When I think about imagery and New Order, I instantly think of all the sleeves; Joy Division and New Order sleeves are often referred to as being iconic designs, but rather than showing a montage of them, which have been much seen, admired and recognised, I wondered how recognisable are they? I was curious to find out, if I reduced them in some way, could the still be recognisable?

I tried blurring and distorting them, but they rapidly became something else. However, by simplifying them to their basic colour elements, they appeared to remain true to their iconic designs. I found I could reduce them a great deal – so far in fact to just nine simple squares – and ironically, this reducing reminded me of today’s requirement to design a sleeve that can work as a tiny thumbnail, to be used on iTunes rather than the expanse we once enjoyed with a 12” record sleeve.

As a set, I am delighted to still ‘see’ all the sleeves. It is great fun flicking from the squares to the photographic versions. And my favourite? The last one – there is something poetic about reducing ‘Sirens’ to become… ‘lost’.”

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