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The reggae star writes for CLASH...

World Meditation Day falls on May 21st. The day serves as a global platform to promote and highlight the practice of meditation and its immense benefits in today’s culture. Here, pop-reggae crossover artist Natty has written about the importance of mediation in his life and how it has influenced his forthcoming music. He has also made an accompanying playlist to coincide with his thoughts. Releasing his previous single ‘Ascension’ originally released in line with Spring Solstice, the songwriter also released a second meditation version to align with our inner chakras and to help you take a moment to yourself.

Natty says: “The songs in this playlist represent many different angles of meditation, and are some of my favourite sounds both to unwind but also to focus. In stillness or movement, be it in the mind or the body whether in total peace of the mind or for a moment of thoughtful contemplation, they are put together with one purpose in mind… to help raise the vibration of your day to day thoughts and actions and assist you sonically on your journey of self-discovery… In-joy.”

Meditation is something I have tried to include in my daily life for over a decade now. In many ways as well. I have been playing around with the meaning of it for a while and I have three ways of viewing it. So there is the deliberate action of trying to be still in the mind, or empty one’s thoughts. Then there is a state of deeply focused thought, perhaps the sound of the waves crashing on a shore, or the sound of the night. And finally there is the state of contemplation, where you are gathering your thoughts. One usually considers stillness of the body to be the precursor to stillness of the mind, however there are a few different types of activity, I find, that can induce a meditative state. Normally these are repetitive actions like working the land or even walking for a long stretch. 

It seems as if there are no hard and fast rules to meditating. For example, I meditate in the field when I am at one with the plants and nature during the two or three hours of farming I do every day, here my mind is still, but my body is moving. I am also meditating when I take plant medicine, my body is still but my mind is moving faster than even between dimensions, so there are so many angles to approach the subject from.

After a few trials I started creating meditation music, with this diversity in mind. I started creating mixes of key songs from this my current album project as a separate body of work, that can be listened to in a variety of settings, with a mixture of different moods and feelings. It is the diversity within all of these approaches that made this exciting to me as the producer. Within every song I write there is always something that sounds “spiritual” for want of a better term.

My goal when making these meditative pieces is to find the audio representation of that ethereal feeling and turn that into a journey of inner exploration or a sonic blanket where stillness of the mind can be in sync with the sounds. Sometimes the sounds can be uncomfortable yet transfixing, other times totally soothing and a mere backdrop to stillness in time and varying degrees in between. There are many reasons why people meditate, however, there are so few outcomes that many things people have in common when they examine the results. Inner peace, closer to god, tapping into the cosmic oneness etc. As your humble musical servant, all I can do is offer some sounds that can assist you in these glorious and holy adventures.

Natty’s new single ‘Ascension’ is out now.

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