Intimate performances in one of the city's best studios...

It's been rumbling for some time now.

Late last year Clash started working alongside Metropolis Studios, a studio space in West London used by some of the top acts on the planet.

The mission plan was simple: bring new groups together in a fantastic space, and record those intimate events.

It's something that's become close to our heart, and - we believe - one of the capital's true gems.

Here's a recap of some of the finest performances so far...

- - -

Saint Leonard's Horses has toured alongside Bob Dylan, and signed his recording contract in the shadow of William Blake's grave. It's little wonder, then, that his debut album is so ambitious: 'Good Luck Everybody' was born in the Hollywood hills, but ended up being recorded at Childwickbury Manor in St Albans, the former home of director Stanley Kubrick.

Taking part in one of the very first Metropolis Live events, these performances are not to be missed.

- - -

Bad Pop are serious about everything apart from themselves. The Canadian trio take touring seriously, they take songwriting seriously, they take the act of making a noise seriously. But themselves? Nah forget it.

The band's set was a fun-filled affair - check out some of the action below...

- - -

Piano Wire billed themselves as 'debauched psychedelic rock 'n' roll'. That's a description that's not too far from the mark: imagine Hawkwind re-born in 2k17, imbibing various chemicals and stripping rock down to its most important elements and you'd be close. The band's live show is something to behold...

- - -

Ten Fé Each new track from TEN FÉ feels like a dramatic new step. Debut album 'Hit The Light' is out now, and it's perhaps the duo's most potent, most invigorating step to date. To celebrate its release the band swept past Metropolis Studios...

- - -

Nimmo Nimmo are old friends of Clash, with their brash, bouyant songwriting supplying a number of enthralling singles. Superb live, Nimmo showcased material from their upcoming and eagerly anticipated debut album.

- - -

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