Melodic Distraction Is Platforming Liverpool's Underground Music Communities

Melodic Distraction Is Platforming Liverpool's Underground Music Communities

Here's a few key picks...

Liverpool is practically an independent city state. The city has always walked its own path - whether that's politically or culturally - and 2020 is no exception to this. 

Community led online radio station Melodic Distraction is a key part of the current landscape, helping to bring together Liverpool's multifarious music communities.

Recently losing their home, a host of friends, colleagues, and fellow travellers have kicked off a fundraising drive to find the station a new, secure, and permanent home.

Crazy P, Roy Davis Jr, Greg Wilson, Yousef (Circus Recordings) and many more have pledged support, with Melodic Distraction launching a month-long fundraising drive.

Currently working from a temporary studio provided by Dr. Martens, Melodic Distraction remains an essential platform for new talent, a way of connecting Liverpool's profoundly independent mind-set with the listening world.

As part of their fundraising drive, the Melodic Distraction team picked out five Liverpool-based projects you really need to know about...

- - - 


LUNA is a Liverpool based singer, songwriter, producer and performer. Taking cues from Four Tet’s sampling trickery and the layered production of Sophie, she is a rising star of UK electronica and one of the brightest talents in Liverpool’s fertile and eclectic music scene.

Having made it onto the roster of Festival Republic and PRS’ esteemed ‘ReBalance’ programme, LUNA has played at some of Liverpool and the UK’s most anticipated events and exciting venues. Pre-lockdown shows included a performance at The Great Escape, Liverpool Pride, Liverpool International Music Festival and an intimate headline gig at St Bride’s church.

Most recently, LUNA has stepped into dancier territory with a release on Manchester-based label Shifting Spheres entitled VENTUS. The release was part of a compilation aimed at raising funds for Roshni Birmingham and UK Black Pride.

'Her Hello Earth' EP is a constant soundtrack in the Melodic Distraction offices and the recently released remix EP will no doubt feature heavily on Liverpool’s post-lockdown dancefloors with remixes by the likes of Stealing Sheep and Ross Robertson.

- - -


MC Nelson’s been on our radar at Melodic Distraction since he adorned the cover of Scouse music mag, Bido Lito! back in the summer of 2018.

He’s a rapper and producer from South Liverpool; he reps our local parks when they need saving from property developers, he writes rhymes entirely about his favourite coffee blends and he also tells honest stories of what it’s like to be Black and British.

His excellent 2019 album, 'Anglosfear', addressed just this - touching on the legacy of his family’s emigration to Britain and Liverpool. An insightful listen that reveals new tales and double entendres with each playback.

With no crowds to rap at the moment, he has spent his lockdown writing and recording, with his latest single, 'Flowers', out now.

You can also catch Nelson performing on Melodic Distraction Radio on December 12th as part of their series of Kickstarter shows. The station is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the build of a new studio and social space after being forced out of their current home by gentrification.

- - -


Remée is a 23 year old Black female singer, songwriter born and raised in Liverpool UK. 

Like a painter wouldn’t paint in the same colour combinations their entire life, Remée is keen to point out that she doesn’t like to label her music or confine herself to any genre boundaries. She loves making music and whatever the vibe turns out to be is how it will be.

She’s currently making electronic music with touches of heavy bass, as heard in her latest release, Strange Like Me, that she released on Halloween this year. As a graduate of the award-winning LIMF Academy and Positive Impact, that recognises talent in young artists, she’s well set to take on the future with strong mentorship and guidance.

On paper and online Remée often gets confused for another artist called ‘Remee’ who is a 46 year old Danish man, she would just like to clarify that she is not him...

- - -


Four of the nicest chaps we’ve ever met in music, or anywhere else for that matter... Chinatown Slalom are a four piece pop, psych, hip-hop outfit from varying corners of the UK.

Truly a physical reflection of their music, the Slalom boys often come bounding through the door for their monthly slot on Melodic Distraction Radio dressed in a patchwork of multi-coloured outfits from across the decades, much akin to their genre melding musical style.

Their debut album, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, which came out last summer plays around with musical conventions; fusing samples with guitar riffs, rapping and synthwork to create a colourful spectrum of weird and wonderful sounds.

While we hear the boys do have new music on the way, nothing yet has been released. For now, check out their latest single, 'People Always Say'.

- - -


Iranian MC, Tardast, focuses the majority of his energies on giving a voice to the displaced; speaking hard truths about the refugee experience, imprisonment and lives split across continents.

Rapping in Farsi, Tardast runs Manteq Records alongside fellow MC, Farhood. Together, they’re pushing the boundaries of the Persian grime scene in the UK.

Tardast’s latest release comes courtesy of London’s Circadian Rhythms. Entitled Mwara, which translates as Omen; the record documents the stories of an Iranian kid, born in 90’s Tehran who has been “victimised by the wrong educational system and financial deprivation”.

You can also catch Tardast featuring on Lorraine James’ latest release on Hyperdub Records.

- - -

Melodic Distraction will be supported by Dr. Martens on a range of fundraising activities across the next month. Find out more

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