Ahead of the latest EP on Warehouse Music...

Music and space are intimately related. Some tunes simply won't work in a big room - likewise, other tunes just won't kick off in a small, sweaty, cramped environment.

Mella Dee is experienced enough to know what will and won't work in a given club, but he's also developed his own tastes, his own passions along the way.

His Warehouse Music imprint is dedicated to the kind of gritty cuts that only make sense in those fleeting, ad hoc, out of the way spaces that only pop up on the very fringes of club culture.

A space for dedicated ravers, the warehouse is a den for outlaws, miscreants, and chancers, a place that come morning will exist only in memory.

Warehouse Music 008 drops on April 12th, with Mella Dee playing all night long at Brighton club Patterns tomorrow night (April 6th).

Here's a few essential warehouse jams picked out by the man himself...

- - -

Mella Dee - 'Exactly Mate'

This just carries a weird emotion to it for me, the synth line is actually really simple but feels like its always morphing and its something that can be hard to capture, I recently sold my JX3P where the lead on this came from and its only track that could make me miss it.

- - -

Northern Jamz - 'Stutter' (Minimal Mix)

Love this one, it's great working with Craig and we've actually got a different project on the way with some really exciting stuff, this is one for late nights and sweaty dark rooms.

- - -

Mella Dee - 'DG Redux'

Made as a tool version of 'Donny's Groove' for myself, just something very simple and stripped back, it's great for breaking it down a moment.

- - -

Mella Dee - 'Woodlands'

Named after the area I was born in Doncaster as theres fuck all to it and its a bit rough basically, but it's one I still enjoy.

- - -

Ryan Aitchison - 'Auxiliary'

The only electro cut I've ever released on Warehouse Music, but far from the only broken/electro leaning track i've wrote or released. Raw and direct, still sounds great to me, one of those tracks where all the parts sat together without too much stress.

- - -

Mella Dee - 'Movement'

'001' was a massive thing for me and the reception really spurred me on to keep doing what I felt and that people were into it without anything but my own name behind it. All the tracks had a great reception but i think looking back this should of been the A side as its my favourite out of the three.

- - -

Mella Dee - 'Paul & Shark'

Probably the slowest release on the label, something a bit different I wrote after visiting Jamaica for the first time in January 2017, not something I tend to play but I'm a fan of it still.

- - -

Ryan Aitchison - 'DN5'

Straight up club banger under my own name, kept it very UK in the approach and also very stripped back as usual.

- - -

Mella Dee - 'Techno Disco Tool'

Has to be included just due to what this track has done, in terms of the reaction from people playing it, who has played it and where it gets played being so diverse to the fact that its really given me an opportunity to spread my music further than I could ever of hoped.

- - -

Mella Dee - 'Expansion'

A heavy, hard and direct industrial techno track. There's never to much subtlety in what i do but expansion really brings everything to the front and just bangs.

- - -

Mella Dee will play Patterns, Brighton on April 6th - ticket LINK.

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