Courtesy of Tale Of Us & The/Das Remix
Me & My Drummer

As band names go, Me And My Drummer is fairly literal.

The project hinges on Charlotte Brandi, with the involvement of drummer Matze Pröllochs. The music, though, remains frustratingly difficult to pin down... Based in Berlin, Me And My Drummer seem to have an indie background but - as ever - cannot fail to be moved by the city's electronic culture.

Seeming to drift off into the realms of fantasy, the group's recent single 'You're A Runner' spiralled off into the subconscious. Follow track 'Don't Be So Hot' is another step into the unknown. Immaculately produced, the release features remixes from Tale of Us and The/Das.

A collaborative effort, Italy's Tale Of Us crossed swords with The/Das to produce two re-workings of the new single. The first is a light, House inspired re-working with a real dream-like atmosphere. The second is a mournful, sparse re-working that retains shards of Me And My Drummer but re-constitutes their material into an experimental, post-rock framework.

Listen to it below.

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The Tale of Us & The/Das remix of Me And My Drummer’s 'Don’t Be So Hot' will be released via Sinnbus on December 3rd.


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