New single 'Not Loud Enough' is out now...

Emerging pop talent Marius Bear takes bold strides with each new release.

Breakout single 'My Crown' fast became a fan favourite, while the emotive 'Come What May' showed another side to his artistry.

Returning with new single 'Not Loud Enough', Marius previewed the release with a packed-out show at London's Waiting Room.

Out now, it's a gilded return, one that piques our interest - Clash caught up with Marius Bear to find out more...

- - -

Post Malone - 'Fall Apart'

I love how Post Malone mixes so many different genres and styles. Inspired me for 'Faces'.

- - -

Billie Eilish - 'Wish You Were Gay'

Yes she’s lovely and everyone is hyping around her. She’s just the perfect artist, everything fits: how she dresses, her lyrics, her music, her videos and I really think she is authentic. I’m so impressed how a 17 year young girl can be so convinced about what she is.

Music-wise she’s not my cup of tea, but I’m extremely inspired by her how she and her brother invented music new. I love how she’s playing with classic melodies wrapped into a new style. With the attitude of less is more! 'Wish You Were Gay' is a perfect example for that.

Inspired me for 'Lonely'.

- - -

Lizzo - 'Truth Hurts'

She’s a monster! It’s crazy how her attitude pushes through her vocals it just catches you immediately and won’t let you go till the end of the song.

And the best part: Her whole album is like that. Good production, a lot of attitude in it but still so creative. And of course curvy-woman-power-100%!! She has balls like a bull! Big big big respect for this woman. And I think she’s beautiful!

Inspired me for 'Blood Of My Heartbeat'.

- - -

Bon Iver - 'Perth'

My favourite song in the decade! I listen to this song when I’m sad, happy, what ever it’s just a power song for me. It’s a journey, and a great song for having sex! Haha!

Inspired me for 'New York' and 'Come What May'.

- - -

Sampha - '(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano'

One of the best and honest piano ballads I’ve ever heard. His voice and the piano have both quite a weird EQ on it but it works! Inspired me for 'Not Loud Enough'.

- - -

George Ezra - 'Shotgun'

A great creative pop song! It’s so hard nowadays to get through with a good pop song just played by real instruments there’s so much stuff out there and George Ezra nails it every time! Big respect for him. I know no one who doesn’t like his music!

Inspired me for 'What We Got To Show For It'.

- - -

Labrinth - 'Miracle'

I think Labrinth is an amazing creative artist. He’s going this path of being really pop pop but still staying what he is. 'Miracle' is an example of it. It’s such a pop song by sticking to every pop rule and hook you can imagine but the song still takes of with it’s one taste, his voice and unique melodies. Love it!

- - -

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