Rising strummer talks pop shop...
Luke Sital-Singh

Young of body but bold of heart, Luke Sital-Singh is building quite the reputation for himself. And it’s to the London-born singer that Clash has turned for our latest round up of what’s popping on the singles front.

Luke’s just released his first EP for Parlophone, ‘Tornados’ – the video for its opening track, ‘Nothing Stays The Same’, can be seen below. A new voice worth listening out for more from, we’re sure you’ll agree – assuming you’re into the whole indie-folk-strummer vibe.

And who isn’t, right? (Quiet at the back, you rapscallions.)

- - -

The Strypes – ‘You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover’

These guys could be quite interesting if they stopped just releasing carbon-copy covers. This track has an enjoyable energy and will sit very snuggly alongside the likes of Jake Bugg – but he, at least, is carving out a unique voice and saying something new. Other than being a great choice of band for your wedding, I’m not sure what The Strypes are offering.

- - -

Big Beat Bronson – ‘Nothing’

This is definitely not my tipple. I tried to find something in here that surprised me, something that made an interesting move. But no such luck. Perhaps because I’m no connoisseur of this genre, but to me it seems utterly unoriginal. I’ve heard this song a hundred times before. 

- - -

Diane Birch – ‘All The Love You Got’

This has a little more to it for me. I kept being surprised as this song went on. It feels familiar, yet fresh. Reminds me of Kate Bush. Lyrically it’s strong with some interesting ideas I haven’t heard before. I like this. 

- - -

The Killers – ‘Shot At The Night’

I like ‘80s music. I want to like this track. But it sounds like a pastiche of so much else it’s hard to find anything of real value and, as per usual, not even Brandon Flowers has any earthly clue what he’s singing about. (Editor’s note: but it sounds like he’s singing over the top of Steve Winwood’s ‘Higher Love’, doesn’t it? Just me?)

- - -

Fall Out Boy – ‘Young Volcanoes’

One of things that immediately turns me off with this kind of song is the vocal. It’s strong in a very forced way. Feels fake. I don’t believe a word he sings. And so for such a vocal-focused song I’m shut out from the very start. Lyrically there are some images that pique my interest, but the music is stale enough for me to lose that interest pretty fast.

- - -

Breach – ‘Everything You Never Had’

I’m not much of a clubber. Too busy sitting in my room crying over my acoustic guitar. But occasionally I find myself in a somewhat drunken state and dragged into a nameless club by some friends where I dance, dance, dance! If this came on I’d enjoy it. Has a nice old-school ‘90s vibe and an enjoyable vocal performance. Surprised you there, didn’t I?

- - -

Thanks, Luke! You can find out more about the chap who’s kindly penned the above words on his official website, here, and you can see him live as follows:

5th – Tabernacle, London
6th – Ballroom, Brighton
7th – Glee Club, Birmingham
9th – Thekla, Bristol

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