Woozy sepia-tinged electronica

lone is the pseudonym of one Matt Cutler, one half of the broken beats’n’scratches duo Kids In Tracksuits.

While Kids In Tracksuits take an extended break Matt has been busy and has pulled together this solo effort under his Lone moniker. Actually his second lone long player, the first was an underground release by a hip Belgian label back in early 2007. As the beatmaking half of Kids In Tracksuits, it’s fair to say his ‘lemurian’ album boasts the same attention to detail in it’s low slung electronic and hip-hop influenced beats. The more surprising aspect is the gorgeous slow-motion swells and dreamy piano noodling that top of the package.

Bringing to mind wheezing 1970’s synths and whirring leslie speakers, the results are a very relaxed listen that’s a perfect Summer soundtrack to lazing around the garden, barbecuing any meat that crosses your path. Putting the album on is like stepping back into a perfect Summer’s day from your childhood, running through long grass and hiding out in that burn out car by the stream (well, it’s not all Enid Blyton round these parts).

The ‘lemurian’ album is a real cohesive package that ebbs and flows making it an all or nothing listen. So stay in, put the headphones on and give Lone your full attention.

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