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Victor Talking Machine

Somehow - and we've no idea why - the early 90s have become a lost golden age for creative types.

Fashion designers are drawing on the era's - ahem - unique approach to style, while a new generation of bands who can't even remember the 90s are plugging in their fuzz pedals to add a little Mudhoney to their sound.

So when we say Victor Talking Machine are redolent of the 90s, it's not meant as a criticism. New EP 'Had Enough' contains plenty of familiar influences, with the mixture of jangling songcraft and chaotic guitars recalling the early years of Teenage Fanclub.

There's the odd psychedelic flourish as well, with Victor Talking Machine even undergoing a dub excursion. Producer Marc Waterman was on hand throughout the sessions, helping the band to tap into a distinctly British art-pop sensibility.

Out on Monday (November 12th) Clash have been granted the exclusive stream of 'Had Enough'. It's a small, immaculately formed package - less a time tunnel to the past than a gentle excursion into the band's (possible) future.

Listen to it below.

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'Had Enough' is out on Monday (November 12th).


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