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Michael Price

The modern world is a noisy place.

Artificial sound fills the air, with everything from passing cars to strangers iPods polluting your ears. Sometimes finding a place to simply enjoy some peace and quiet can seem like an impossible task. Michael Price clearly feels the same way.

The English composer is best known for his soundtrack work, assisting in work for BBC drama Sherlock and the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Now part of the Erased Tapes family, Michael Price is gearing up for the release of new EP 'Stillness'. Due for release on December 17th, the material was recorded in Phoenix Studios at Pinewood, London. 

The results are simply beautiful. There's a classical heritage on show, but alongside this Michael Price has a gift for simple melodies which pierce through the veneer of the everyday.

Here's a quote from the composer:

"I'm trying to create a small Stillness in a noisy, hyper-connected world. I wanted to make something personal, and real, with musicians that I've known for a long time. Usually we've all got headphones on, chasing click tracks and fitting our performances to picture. It was time to get the headphones off stop all the clocks and ticking, really connect musically and try to capture a moment. To be able make something intimate and authentic in an often noisy world is a real pleasure."

"When I heard what we had, there was only one collection of musicians and artists that felt a natural fit, and that was Erased Tapes. I'd always admired Robert's artistic vision, and the way that he created a nurturing, collaborative environment around the artists he worked with. It's a privilege to be even a small part of that."

As a preview, our friends at Erased Tapes have handed ClashMusic an exclusive stream. 'A Bridge' is a patient, meditative piece, indicative of Michael Price's slow burning approach to composition.

Listen to it now...

'Stillness' is set to be released on December 17th.

1. A Distance 
2. A Bridge 
3. A Reaching 
4. A Tenderness


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