Ahead of their Latitude slot...
Let's Eat Grandma

Let's Eat Grandma are absurdly, almost uniquely, young.

Two girls who have no precepts about how music should or shouldn't be made, the pair's debut album 'I Gemini' is startlingly, shockingly original.

Out now via Transgressive, it precedes a summer-long period of touring that includes a slot at Latitude - by coincidence, the pair's local festival.

Eager to get the inside track, Clash invited Let's Eat Grandma to pen their off piste guide to East Anglia...

- - -

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Latitude Festival
Where we are playing this year. Last year we drank loads of Red Bull (™) before we went on stage - we had four cans each. After that we spent the night at the Disco Shed.

Norwich Roman Catholic Cathedral
Where we spend hours repenting our sins.

USA Nail Parlour
Where we get our claws sharpened. We love this place because they let us go for a joint appointment, as we simply can’t cope with being separated from one another.

Our lovely schools
Where we learn. Jenny’s favourite thing about Notre Dame High School is how Catholic it is. She excelled in Religious Studies.

Mousehold Heath
Where we practise our witchcraft. It’s also just over the road from Norwich Prison, where we meet our friends in the cafe - it’s the social hub of the city. We just love the deluxe soya hot chocolate they serve there.

Pettitts Taxidermy Service
We don’t get to visit here often, but it’s our spiritual home. Many of Rosa’s family pets have been immortalised here.

- - -

Latitude runs between June 14th - 17th.

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