Ft. Bear's Den, Clean Bandit, Jamie Foxx and more...
Lethal Bizzle

Lethal Bizzle is able to tackle the mainstream on his own terms – but sometimes, he likes to try out a little help.

In 2014 the grime stalwart notched up two Top 20 singles entirely on his own. ‘The Drop’ (featuring Cherri V) and ‘Rari Workout’ (feat. JME and Skepta) were released on the rapper's Dench Records imprint, proving that Bizzle still has the golden touch.

Now working with Virgin EMI, the rapper's new single 'Fester Skank' drops on April 12th. Clearly a man who knows a thing or two about what makes a hit, Clash invited Lethal Bizzle to take a gander at this week's releases.

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Bear's Den - 'Agape'

Listening to the Bear Den's record - very emotional. Sounds like he's going through a real torrid time, he must really love this girl.

The video's really clever, I like the way they're sinking in sound [in] every single minute - kind of relates to what he's talking about [in the song].It must mean his heart is sinking or, you know, he's really having a sad time about this girl he has lost, or losing. Quite cleverly put together, man, it's a cool song.

- - -

Clean Bandit - 'Stronger'

Absolutely love it, really uplifting summer vibes. I could just see us having a barbeque, having a picnic with the lads, having a drink and playing this, jumping up and down. It's a real feel good song. I really like the way these guys combine their authenticity with the whole classical element, making it cool and urban. And most importantly being themselves, which makes them unique.

But the song's really cool... really love it. Big fan of these guys, and thank you for making me aware of this record because it's the first time I've heard it and I think I'm going to have to download it now.

- - -

Jamie Foxx ft. Chris Brown - 'You Changed Me'

Not a big fan of this one. It all sounds to me like a failed Drake attempt type of song. Big fan of Jamie Foxx but this one is not for me. [He's a] multi-talented guy, obviously acts and can sing just as well as he can act but this one is... almost like he's trying to replicate something that is already here. So thumbs down for this Jamie Foxx one.

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Pep & Rash - 'Rumors'

The Pep & Rash track – rash, rush, rush? Cool record, kind of got a bit of an old school, 2 step, UK garage kind of vibe which is what I was brought up on so love all that kind of stuff. Really like the way they've played with the vocal, really gives you that old school vibe. Again, another summer, uplifting record that you'll definitely be hearing all over the resorts - Ibiza and stuff.

A real feel good track, takes me down memory lane with the sound of when I used to listen to this as a kid. A thumbs up from me, I really like this record.

- - -

Rhodes - 'Turning Back Around'

Cool song. I've been listening over and over, and I'm still trying to get what he's actually talking about. I think I've got a rough idea, it feels like he has some issues with himself and he's trying to express it in a real articulate way. The video's really cool, but I think I need a few more listens to this one to get my head around where he's going with this... but first listen: it's a cool listen, it's a real articulate execution from him.

The video was very clever. Again, it kind of reminds me of a record you could play in the car and just kind reflect on life - if you've got any problems. It's one of those self-healing records, from what I gather from it. A bit uplifting, with some sort of motivational message in there, too.

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'Fester Skank' will be released on April 12th.

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