Lessons Learned: Sinead Harnett’s R&B Inspirations

As she prepares to release her debut album...

North London vocalist Sinead Harnett is a potent musician.

Sought after on both sides of the Atlantic, she's worked on bumpers with Rudimental and Kaytranada, while recently stepping into the studio with Gallant.

Debut album 'Lessons In Love' underlines her individuality, with Sinead's soulful touch applying a little magic to everything she works on.

Out on September 20th, it's about the continuing inspiration she finds in the experience of love. Sinead comments:

“The more I love, the more I learn about its magic, its importance and its lessons… In every song, there is a lesson. But most importantly, in every song, there is love.”

Infatuated with her debut album, Clash spoke to Sinead Harnett about her R&B inspirations…

– – –

Frank Ocean

I don't know that he is strictly R&B, as much as he is fluidly alternative and ever so unique. But my first artist to mention is Mr. Frank Ocean. This man can single handedly wound me with his words and sever the blow with his vocal delivery. His first mixtape was so fresh it was almost ahead of its time.

The way I listen to it now compared to when it came out is so different. It's like I feel it on such a deeper level. The same goes for 'Channel Orange' and for me 'Blond' was such an emotional statement.

Of all the GOATs out there, if I ever work with Frank Ocean, crying myself to sleep each night thereafter would be a guarantee.

– – –


I haven't seen someone play that many instruments THAT well, whilst simultaneously singing like the angel she is, as if it's an easy walk in the park.

The first song I heard was 'Focus' and I was pulled in as quickly as a the first sleep after being awake for 48 hours. She is something else.

– – –


I read a tweet of his recently where he stated he's a rap artist disguised as an R&B soul singer. Whatever box you put him in, he is incredible. I can feel the pain in the texture of his voice, and I believe him.

He talks about so much in his lyrics – what he's been through prior to fame, how life has changed since, and so much about love. His not being afraid to share vulnerabilities within his lyrical content is inspiring to see. He is a rare artist in that I could listen to his whole discography on loop and never get bored.

– – –


When I first discovered them I was dumbfounded. It was like all my R&B prayers had been answered, but better than I ever dreamed up. Nineteen85's production skills are so 3D it's mad.

Each song takes you on a journey and isn't afraid to evolve within itself. First songs I heard were 'Too Deep' and 'The Line'. I was in my feels. Daniel's voice could make even the stiffest person's hips sway.

– – –

Lolo Zouaï – 'Caffeine'

This girl is so cool I just can't. The type you want to be besties with. Her voice is so smooth and she has such sass in her lyrics. First heard her song with Blood Orange entitled 'Jade' and was immediately hooked/intrigued.

Would love to work with her and do some boss shit on a tune together.

– – –

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