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“It's not about rare records your parents are paying for on Discogs, it’s about tunes that make people dance. The price of a record, or how rare it is, doesn't make it better than a $1 West End classic.” Australian good times purveyor CC:DISCO! is explaining the meaning of her motto ‘less chin-stroking, more dancing’ ahead of playing at DGTL Amsterdam, one of Europe’s biggest dance music festivals, over the Easter weekend.

“I don’t like how people get caught up in the hysteria of the monetary value of a record. If you are judging a record or people playing records by how much they are worth or how many copies there are then I think you are missing the point...”

Instead, the Melbourne-born selector’s aim is simple: to connect people on the dancefloor. “I feel my style is open to everyone and every kind of person from any background,” CC - real name Courtney Clarke - considers, after spending a morning record shopping in Lyon, buying as much French boogie as she could find. “Nothing makes me happier than seeing people become friends in front of me when I'm playing; all I want to do is make people smile and feel something on the danceloor.”

- - -

I feel my style is open to everyone...

- - -

Having got her start in the music industry thanks to a show on a local community radio station at the age of 15, music has always been part of her life. Growing up, she’d daydream about being on stage, playing festivals and practice drumming in her bedroom, even performing at the local church. DJing came a little later in life, though. “As I'm from the country, we didn't really have a DJ scene. But after getting a taste for it, it has been my drug ever since.”

And it’s a passion that’s led her to play shows all around the world over the last six months, including her first UK and European tour last year; even if it meant gigging on Christmas Day. “It really is a dream job; it’s taken a long time but it still feels surreal that I'm actually doing it now and something I’ll never take for granted. If you asked me when I was younger or even a few years ago if I'd be DJing parties overseas I'd say no way.”

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Another dream that come true recently was compiling her ‘First Light’ compilation – thanks to a chance, drunken conversation with the team at record label Soothsayer. The result is a collection that focuses on upcoming Australian and New Zealand artists. “I love our scene and always want to promote it,” she gushes; “it captures the broad scene of electronic music coming out there at the moment…”

Currently touring with fellow Australian selector, Mall Grab, 2018 is shaping up to be a massive year for CC:DISCO. “I'm only a few shows in but sweet baby Jesus if the rest could be as good as those I'd be very happy. London was amazing and Paris exceeded all expectations, amazing crowds and vibes all round.”

In terms of the current dance music scene, CC thinks “we are in such a good time right now. Especially, when you look at some festival line ups - there are so many different genres and types of DJs on the same bill. I find those diverse festivals are my cup of tea, because I want to be educated and inspired by music all the time.”

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I love our scene and always want to promote it...

- - -

Like the international scene, CC says her local scene in Melbourne is thriving just as much. “I truly believe we have some of the greatest DJs and producers in the world. I'm constantly inspired by the scene and love having a night off because I love to go out dancing till 6AM as much as I like playing a show that goes well into the morning.”

Describing her own sets as “upbeat, uplifting and accessible”, CC tries to change up her gigs as much as possible. “I’m always trying to mix it up,” she says; “I do tend to play a lot of genres but I always go for tunes that make you feel something. If I see someone with their eyes closed and smiling then that makes me happy.” Joy isn’t the only reaction she’s elicited from behind the decks though, having seen people cry during her shows… on more than once occasion.

“The fact you can get someone to a point that they cry during a set is just mind-blowing; it’s mainly men as well. Music is basically what religion is for some people to me. So when it moves people like that right in front of me it’s just incredible. Even for myself, the only time I really let out emotions and am my true self is when listening or dancing to music. It's basically the only thing that makes me cry.”

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CC: Disco plays DGTL Amsterdam on Saturday, March 31st. Tickets:

Words: Ben Jolley

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