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Clash not only spoke to Tyler, The Creator for its new issue – available now (click for details and to buy) – but also let the Odd Future producer/rapper/entrepreneur design our cover.

And that’s fairly unprecedented – which goes to show what a powerful personality we think this still-young, still-rising talent has. (Having met him, he’s got quite the magnetism, too.)

Our full interview with Tyler – touching on his new album ‘Wolf’, his attitude towards his fans and working with Pharrell Williams (and so much more) – can be read in the current issue of Clash – but here’s an excerpt, to tickle your fancy parts.

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‘Domo 23’, from ‘Wolf’ (contains strong language)

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How old were you when you realised you were different?
At a really young age. Most eight- or nine-year-olds had toys on their Christmas list, but I wanted CDs. The other kids found that weird. And I didn’t like sports. Like, at all. I liked skateboarding – for a black kid in 2002, that was pretty weird. And then my musical taste was different from all the other kids. I liked jazz and shit.

When did you start calling yourself Tyler, The Creator?
In 2006. I had two MySpace accounts – my regular one, and then another one where I put all my shirt designs, and beats, and little videos that I’d just make about the house. All my fucking ideas. But it didn’t have a name, so I just wrote ‘Tyler, The Creator’ one day, cos I didn’t have nothing else to put! Slowly but surely, people would listen to my beats through that page, so I just deleted the other MySpace and kept that one. And it stuck. It’s a stupid name, but I guess it worked out.

You rap, you produce, you draw, you design, you direct. Do you see yourself as a musician first and foremost?
Dude, I’m everything. I’m not anything. I’m just a person who has hobbies, and is very passionate about them. I get a kick out of all of it - I love being on Photoshop and making fucking flyers and stupid T-shirts with air balloons and donuts. But I get the same kick out of that as I do out of making beats and adding sound effects, or out of messing with syllables and saying cool little quirky things that only I get, or out of drawing out a [video] scene, going to the spot and fucking filming it, and then going to the edit bay and adding the music and colouring it and shit. I get a kick out of all of it.

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Interview by Phoebe Lovatt

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