Laurel’s ‘PALPITATIONS’ Is An Instinctual Return

The songwriter's guide to her new album...

Laurel has constructed a unique pop identity. Across a mazy decade-long career, she’s scored viral hits and an incredible online fanbase, blending instinctual, emotive songwriting with her pop touch.

Yet she’s never chased success. Working to her own whims and passions, Laurel has allowed herself space to do her own thing. 2018’s ‘DOGVIOLET’ was her last full-length statement, followed by a breezy success of hit ‘n’ run singles.

Out now, ‘Palpitations’ is her eagerly-awaited follow-up, an album rich in ideas and lyrical flair. Songwriting that comes from the heart, Laurel comments…

Each song on my record can be felt as a palpitation. A moment of angst/adrenaline/love/sorrow/heartache/euphoria. Emotions that are so strong that they make your heart skip a beat.

Check out her track-by-track guide to ‘Palpitations’ below.

45 Degrees

The love you feel is so deep yet the life you live in this love is lighthearted, heady, euphoric, and youthful. It sends you crazy when you are not near them, they are the one that can cool you down like a breeze on a summers day. They are the cure, yet they are also the sickness. 

Wild Things 

Running to the ends of the world to find ‘the real thing’ – something that feels true – but everywhere you go you’re still searching. You can’t find it because what you’re looking for in the world can only be found within you – inner peace. 

Burning Up 

Not being able to keep up with yourself. The constant need for excitement, changeability, and adrenaline, which leaves you on the edge of a panic attack. No matter whether you’re in the city or living a simple life in the countryside, your mind is a jungle – relentless and exhausting. You’re trying to hold onto a sense of yourself, of normality, but in the end you lose yourself in it.


Someone cannot live without you. You become their main source of energy in life. They need to keep consuming you, but their hunger is never satisfied, and they only need more and more to feel fulfilled. Eventually they have taken so much that there is nothing left, for you or for them. Their love killed their lover.

Where My Thunder Falls 

Being in the throes of self-destructive behaviour. Addicted to the dopamine of drama, always searching for another hit. Having no control over ‘where you thunder falls’ – when your emotional outbursts will come and who and what they will land on and destroy.

Only One

Falling so deeply in love. Its a new love but a sure love, surer than anything you’ve ever felt. It’s intimidating – you aren’t sure whether you can trust them yet, and they feel the same. A part of you wants to run away, but really you can’t. You don’t have a choice but to see it through because they’re the ‘only one’.


In a relationship when you try to work on your issues, you both say you’ll change – but as soon as the tension dissipates you both go back to being the people you were before. 

Coming Back For More 

When you’ve only just met someone and you’re totally obsessed and addicted to them already.

New Car (we only wanted everything) 

A toxic relationship thats run its course but you can’t let go. You’re looking back at innocent times when you were naïve and childlike, trying to remember those people. 

Heavy Heart

It’s about a friend who was in a bad place. I had been supporting them emotionally for a long time and tried to carry the burden for them but it was dragging me down. Without meaning to they were bringing me down with them.


Being in love with someone that has a ‘deathwish’. They are holding onto you tightly, keeping you hostage in the darkness they have created, anything they do to themselves will be done to you. Because of your proximity, you become collateral damage.

‘Palpitations’ is out now.

Photo Credit: Ale Washington

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