Kodaline Review The Singles

Warning! “Cheeseometer” reaching right into the red…

Another week, another willing victim – well, victims – in the hot seat for our singles column. Here, we’ve strapped down Kodaline’s Vinny May Jr and Jason Boland, forcing them to listen to what can only be described as Some Singles That Are Released This Week.

The Dublin-formed foursome is officially back in action right now, with the follow-up to their breakthrough LP of 2013, ‘In A Perfect World’ (review), ready for release. ‘Coming Up For Air’ is on shelves both physical and digital on February 9th, preceded by the single ‘Honest’, the video for which is below.

– – –

Bloodflower – ‘People/Places’

“This track comes at you with a no-holds-bared cynicism and a dirty bassline not to be argued with, then takes a twist to the unexpected. The percussion and vocals are so interesting that you almost forget where it started before you’re taken on a euphoric build-up worthy of any dancefloor. My only gripe is the fade out but we can’t fault them that.”

– – –

Bipolar Sunshine – ‘Daydreamer’

“This track is an ear-worm that you will be humming for weeks before you realise what it is. The video is well worth a watch as well, with very beautiful animation. Can’t wait to hear this in a field with the sun shining this summer.”

– – –

Iggy Azalea – ‘Beg For It’

“I.G.G.Y! She certainly loves saying her name but seriously, this is a cool song! Teaming up with Mø for her latest offering, this is gonna be a hit, you can tell! With Azalea’s trademark rhymes and funky backing track it’s more of the same from this Australian rapper/popstar!”

– – –

J Cole – ‘Apparently’

“I really like J Cole, his album last year entitled ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ was one of my favourite albums and this track ‘Apparently’ got plenty of plays! Don’t really have anything else to say but I like it, so check it out!”

– – –

McBusted – ‘Get Over It’

“Firstly this song isn’t for me but I am impressed at the fact they have been able to maintain their fanbase and success for such a long period – and fair play to them! This is a pop song and I’m sure will do great things; but for me the lack of evolution in style is too much for me to forget. My cheeseometer went off the scale within the first 30 seconds – but there ya go, I'm HONEST!”

– – –

Photo: Dave Ma

Kodaline online. The band’s new single ‘Honest’ is released on February 1st, with the album ‘Coming Up For Air’ out the week after. See them live as follows:

15th Barrowlands, Glasgow
16th Albert Hall, Manchester
17th Roundhouse, London

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