Kenya Special Mix: Fredrik Lavik / Afro7

Crate digging delights...

It's a common mis-conception.

How often will you read the phrase 'African culture'? Used prolifically, the phrase has little to no meaning – after all, the culture of West Africa is wholly removed from its Eastern counterpart, while life in Egyptian could not be more removed from existence in a South African township.

Some clarity is needed. Soundway Records – purveyors of fine sounds from across the globe – recently sealed off a new compilation, focussing on the sounds of East Africa.

'Kenya Special' is the result of countless hours spent sifting through crates, tracking down recordings and obtaining rights. Spread across two discs – three if you buy the vinyl edition – 'Kenya Special' is a buoyant, inspiring tribute to a generation of musicians whose work has been largely neglected.

With the vinyl edition of 'Kenya Special' set for release on May 20th, ClashMusic is able to host a special preview mix. Crafted by Fredrik Lavik / Afro7, the new mix focusses on the pulsating sounds of East Africa.

"Some of my personal favs. here" he told Clash, "from Swahili soul to funky kikuyu benga, finishing it off with some more lingala fused tracks…"

The sun is shining, it's Friday afternoon… dive in!

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