Katie Eary On Depop

Clash quizzes the designer on the new app that marries Instagram and Ebay.

The ‘little shop in your pocket’ or the Insta of Ebay; new app Depop presses all the right buttons for those with something soulful to sell.

Picking up where Etsy and its ilk left off, Depop was conceived and designed by Retrosuperfuture co-founder, Simon Beckerman. It marries the art of the like with the pull of the sell, and accesses your social media hangouts to offer a shopping experience you won’t find at Westfield; London or Stratford City.

Launched in the UK last week via a pizza party in Shoreditch, the app has already attracted the likes of designer Katie Eary, gallery Beach London and The Goodhood Store.

Not ones to fall under a marketing manager’s spell (that easily), Clash set about quizzing menswear designer Eary, to find out just what Depop does for her.


Buyer or seller?

Twitter or Facebook?

Best thing you’ve ever bought online?
Some old school Tom Ford/Gucci satin corset shoes <3. I was about 18 when they came out, my wage being £60 each weekend working for Virgin, so no hope in hell I was getting my hands on those till I was older. 10 years later…finally got them! Ha!

Weirdest thing you’ve ever bought online?
Make your own Zombie hand kit. 

In your opinion what’s so special about Depop, compared to other auction platforms?



Animal prints feature a lot in your collections. What attracts you to them?
There is nothing more beautiful and perfect than nature. 

Who were your influences when you were starting out?
Hmmmm, Anything YBA. 

How does it feel to be a part of London Collections: Men?
It’s great; it gets bigger every season!

In terms of putting men’s fashion ‘on the map’, how do you think LC:M is doing?
It really is so exciting; the whole world watches it now. Sooo much better than the odd day pinned on the back of LFW, haha. 

And what’s most overplayed on your stereo right now? 
Hmmmmmmm, DRENGE!!! SUCH SEXY MUSIC <3 <3 <3.

Interview: Zoe Whitfield



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