16 Sep 06
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Kasabian Self-proclaimed musical pirates!

Where is the line between self-belief and delusion, confidence and arrogance? Where do you have to ban borderline banter and chatty becomes simply catty? Coiled on the musical eve of the release of their second album, confidently entitled ‘Empire’, they are wrought with nervous energy.

The Rapture Picking Up The Pieces

It’s summer 2003 and as the UK basks in the highest temperatures and finest sunshine in years, and The Rapture are dubbed the hottest band in the world after their stunning debut album ‘Echoes’ unites indie kids and electronic clubbers worldwide.

Scissor Sisters Glam You

With their eponymous debut album, The Scissor Sisters brushed aside drab indie bands and manufactured pop acts with their fresh-faced glamour and disco-glitter optimism. But world domination couldn’t last forever and a much-needed break was in order.

F.S.O.L. Brain Food

Welcome to ‘Teachings From The Electronic Brain’, a retrospective audio-montage that maps out the complex labyrinth of time, space, motion and sound described by The Future Sound Of London. Two men, six years, twelve records. A whole bunch of past. Oodles of future…

Basement Jaxx Scratch Perverts

I am on the set of the video for their new single ‘Hush Boy’, the kind of cheekily euphoric pop record with which their name has long been synonymous. Elsewhere are Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, the Jaxx, 12 years in the game and still going strong

Sonic Youth Left Wanting Moore

There’s something rather strange about Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore as he walks into a small café in the Soho district of his legendary hometown, New York City. Maybe it’s his mopped hair, black-rim glasses, and gold cassette tape hanging from a chain around his neck.

The Lemonheads Evan's Above

Sure enough an hour later, The Lemonheads frontman arrives onstage to massive cheers and opens up for what later turns out to be the most legendary night this town has ever witnessed.

Album Spotlight

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

While The Beach Boys toured, Brian Wilson remained on home turf crafting what would become one of classic albums of all time.

Personality Clash

Battle Vs TV On The Radio

Battle's Jason Bavanandan takes a Trans-Atlantic call from TVotR's Kyp Malone

  • ROCK AND RULES Donovan
  • FASHION Jamie Lidell, Asish Gupta, Lee Cooper
  • ELECTRIC SELECTION Andy Stott, FS Blumm, Xela, Console...
  • ONES TO WATCH Peter Bjorn & John, New Young Pony Club, Rich...
  • THE LAST TIME Ben Kweller
  • WRITE ON The Crimea
Album Reviews
  • Junior Boys
  • Kid Koala
  • Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  • James Yorkston
  • The Black Keys
  • Basement Jaxx
  • 747s
  • The Sunshine Underground
  • Air
  • A Guy Called Gerald
  • Sebastian Tellier
  • Supersystem

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