Kasabian talk Creamfields

We chat to singer Tom Meighan

We caught up with Kasabian’s Tom Meighan at the launch of Creamfields, the band’s only UK date this year.

As always he was on fine form, supplying the goods in abundance.

Clash: What have been up to recently – chilling between records?

“I don’t know if we can ever calm down, man. We’ve put ourselves up there for people to take shots at us, we expected it, since we broke through it’s been a mental last five years. We’re making a third album now and we’re ready to hit the road again. Creamfields, I think that’s the start of us hitting the high road.”

Will you have new stuff to play out there, then?

“We aim to play new stuff live as much as we can. With the festivals last year we had some material but weren’t ready to play it yet. So this time we’ll play the classics – well, ‘classics,’ its weird saying that – and some new stuff too.”

Do you play a different set at festivals, as it’s not really your audience?

“I know what you’re saying. Cream’s a different audience but I think the majority will be Kasabian fans, were kind of a crossover band anyway. We’re a rock ‘n’ roll band, we’re not an indie band. The thing with our shows, they’re atmospheric, they’re almost fucking dreamscape, like a Pink Floyd show, they’re quite spectacular, and it’s like you’re in a bubble for an hour and a half. I think that’s why we suit Creamfields perfectly. We can go on any stage in the world at any time to be honest, which is really fabulous.”

Creamfields is more rock ‘n’ roll this year – are you a perfect match?

“I think that’s really good, because they’ve got Ian Brown and the Chemical Brothers and I think that’s a good move for Creamfields. Everyone’s fucking going on about the V Festival and Glastonbury, Reading and fucking Leeds again, everyone’s wanking off about those festivals. The reason we’re doing Creamfields, we’ve done V two years in a row and Glastonbury the last two years, and it’d be wrong for us to turn up again.”

Do you reckon they’ll get a new audience this year then?

“That’s right, you’re thinking Creamfields, you’re thinking exotic dancers, people with huge eyeballs, you know what I mean? So I’m glad it’s, er, cross-dressing.”

How’s the new album sounding?

“All I can say, were aiming to make the best album we can, we always try to better our last record. All I can say is it’s a concept album. We went into the studio and I never thought about doing a concept album, but it fucking well is and I cant believe it. We’re just aiming to make the best music we can right now.”

So what’s the concept?

“I’m keeping it hush hush mate, but it’s good, it all joins together. It’s mystical, its wonderful its magical.”

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