The K-Pop group's hip-hop sound is uniquely uplifting...

K-pop sextet On N Off – better known as ONF - give off chic and charismatic vibes, yet hidden in the powerful layers of their carefree hip-hop soundscape is genuine comfort, empowering listeners towards happiness and encouraging them at their lowest points.

Reflecting on the message of their sound, Hyojin - the leader of the ON subunit – says: “I hope you will feel your beauty and love yourself. I hope that our song will strengthen you as you listen to our song when you’re tired.”

J-Us, the leader of the OFF sub-unit adds: “I wish to sing songs you can enjoy when you’re feeling good and songs to cheer you up when you’re having a hard time.”

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On their first full-length repackage album ‘CITY OF ONF’, ONF – consisting of Hyojin, J-US, E-Tion, Wyatt, MK, and U- not only tries to be empowering to others, but looks inward at their artistic endeavours, seeking creative freedom.

Speaking of the title track ‘Ugly Dance’, member Wyatt says: “’Ugly Dance’ talks about dancing and singing in your own style instead of getting swept up in the trends. It has a message encouraging us to break out of our stereotypes and pursue our own style.”

Having shifted into hip-hop with this new album, ONF delve further into their sonic style – as a band and individuals – revealing that they place a lot of importance on their vocals, both on technique and emoting. Member E-Tion says: “My vocal skills improved as I have more experience on stage and in recording more albums. I’ve also become more delicate in expressing songs than before,” he pauses, before continuing, “I hope to bring out the emotions of songs more fully and develop distinctive vocals.”

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Each of the members seem admit to having distinct sources of inspiration when it comes to music, with members Hyojin and U turning to videos of peers and those like J-US and Wyatt relying more on sparks of inspiration drawn from their day-to-day lives. - On his professional influences, the youngest member, U says: “I look for choreography videos so I get inspired by choreographers like Keone Madrid, Kinjaz, Quick Crew, and BaileySok”, with Hyojin adding: “I look for singing videos of other artists from time to time. I like to visualize myself as the artist and imagine how I’d feel about their songs and how I would sing them. That’s how I get my inspiration.”

Regardless of where they draw inspiration from, ONF’s focus is always singular – to consistently grow and evolve in order to be the best versions of themselves for their growing fanbase, FUSE.

On the topic of the fans, the energy of the band shifts immediately to one that drips with adoration, crediting them for keeping them motivated over the past year. Reflecting on being unable see their fans in person, vocalist MK says: “We talk a lot with each other and help out one another through hard times. That creates new energy among ourselves and keeps us creatively motivated,” adding that they do their best because they envision their fans watching them.

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Recalling their most memorable moments, the band continue to bring up their fans. J-US says: “Every moment performing in front of FUSE is memorable. I want to perform on stage with FUSE in front of us as soon as possible.”

Wyatt adds: “Our first win on ‘The Show’ It was one of our dreams and our goals to achieve as a singer from our trainee days. That’s why it was the most memorable moment. We wish to keep on doing music together and make happy memories on our journey and continue to make great music for our FUSE.”

In a career that Hyojin describes with the words “happy, love, beautiful,” and E-Tion echoes with “youth, love and destiny,” ONF have realised the dreams they’ve worked towards throughout their youth, walking hand-in-hand with their loving fans towards a destiny woven by the strength of hard work and the free-flow of natural talent.

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Words: Malvika Padin // @Malvika_Padin26

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