Josie Man Breaks Down New Project ‘me at 23’

She's a voice to cherish...

Josie Man speaks from the heart. There’s no filter between her life and her music, with fans gaining 100% access to every emotion, no matter how big or small.

Take new project ‘me at 23’. A six track alt-pop stunner, it brings together some of her most considered, on-point work into one place. “Look how far we’ve come now,” she says, introducing a document that tackles her insecurities and triumphs, her heartbreaks and passions.

Josie Man explains: “’Me At 23′ is a bunch of songs I put together  – songs that helped me get through the age of 23. It’s a tough age; but it’s also a beautiful time, where I learnt  a lot about myself. This EP will forever remind me of who I was when I was 23, and I can’t wait for that.”

Out today, it’s a scintillating collection of pop songcraft, with Josie Man bending the rules to shape her own path. To celebrate the release, Josie Man broke down this exciting new project.

no one cares 

This one’s important to me. I talk about not caring how people will view you because that can really hold you back. Im guilty of it, but i always try and remember that i don’t need to worry about what others think of me or be paranoid that people will judge me. “no one cares” about your “imperfections” as much as you do. We are ALL ENOUGH!! It reminds me to walk with my head high wherever I go and to deeply love myself. You should too. 

unbreak ur heart 

I think in the world we live in there’s no space to be breaking hearts. So, why not unbreak hearts? And help people heal. I love how you can fall in love with a stranger and change their perception of love into something new, loving and safe.

by the end of the night 

This one is about STILL feeling lonely even when you have people around you. It’s also about crying when no one can hear you. At the time I wrote this, i felt like i was burden and didn’t want people to worry about me; but you really don’t have to be sad alone. It’s a reminder to check in on the people you love!

lime and soda

I wrote this a while ago; but it still felt right to add to the ‘Me at 23’ EP as i could still relate to the same love. I feel like this captures the love my boyfriend and I have. It’s special and feels like home and i feel like the lyrics create an image of that honeymoon period. By now, i hope you know I love, love!

jealous in my dreams

The night before this session i had a dream about a girl (the evil clone of me) who was trying to steal my boyfriend from me and it was soo annoying cos it was as if she was pretending to be me and my boyfriend was falling for it. I woke up sooooo jealous and annoyed at him for my dream. I don’t like feeling jealous and fight that feeling, so i guess sometimes it creeps into my dreams!

woman you love

I feel like you can put pressure on yourself to be the ‘perfect’ partner and that can have a negative effect on a relationship. In this song, I’m saying that it can feel frustrating when you know you’re putting that kind of pressure on yourself and it can make you act up. Sometimes it feels like you have to change parts about yourself to remain loveable. You shouldn’t, you should thrive to be loving and kind and your true self. 

Josie Man Breaks Down New Project ‘me at 23’

‘me at 23’ is out now.

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