Milk Disco
Getting under the skin of the London newcomers...

2017 saw an upsurge of sonically inclined guitar heroes (Goat Girl and Shame to name a couple) paving the way for a new generation of awkward, eccentric deviants with a knack for song writing and complex simplicity.

Enter Milk Disco, a London based five-some who are beginning to find their feet in the world of spooky, garage disco beats - as Matt R (vocals) fondly refers to their sound. The rest of the line up includes Dan (Guitar), Matt M (Drums), Sacha (Bass) and Gianluca (Synth) and together they make a rather curious collective - ranging from 19 to 27 in age, and hailing from either Australia, Nottingham, or Surrey. So what makes Milk Disco any different to the next spooky, garage disco collective?

“We like to keep things very simple while being as imaginative as possible, within those constraints”, says head boy/lyricist Matt R, explaining the idea behind their track ‘Welcome To The Milk Disco’ (one of three tracks available on Spotify).

“'Twisted Wheel' and 'Weekender' are both about personal life experiences. Things that make me feel something - whether its positive or negative. Really pulling apart simple ideas and feelings. Those songs especially have weight to them, there's humour there too. Life's famously never simple, so I try to make all the emotions of the songs as straight forward as possible. Everyone can recognise those feelings and that’s what those songs are about.”

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Their coming together tale is one we have heard many times before, a case of parts slowly but surely falling into place, to create a pleasing pattern. “We started with just two of us (Matt R & Dan) playing around with drum machines and bass loops at Hermitage Works Studios in North London. We were messing around and over that summer put a few songs together. Our mutual friend Matt Bruce (Monaco/Vanity Project) came in and helped us record some synth stuff for we were dinosaurs to the synthesiser.”

“After we finished he kindly came and helped us manifest our ideas, mixing rigid sequences/synth lines coupled with Dan's outrageous plays on guitar. We then met Matt M, and he fitted into place immediately as an incredible force on the drums. Sacha was then asked to stand in for a gig we booked as a full band. We had no idea he was such a great bassist and then that all fell into place as the foundation of Milk Disco.”

“Gianluca came in later when we wanted some-one to push buttons and twist some other buttons; bringing the dance element of our sound together a bit more. He’s pretty much the Ringo and made everything lairy and hairy…”

The combination of so many different musical elements normally stem from a vast and peculiar list of influencers, and this case is no different. “LCD Soundsystem are a big inspira-tion in terms of ideas within a band set-up, which is quite a clear reference in some of our songs. We all love different elements across various genres, such as dance, house, northern soul, britpop, UK garage… to name a few artists; Clor, Gang Of Four, Ought, Wes Montgomery, Jerkcurb, Blur - the list goes on.”

ABC’s ‘Poison Arrow’ also made an appearance in boys’ favourite tracks, alongside Daft Punk’s classic ‘Revolution 909’. What has 2018 got in store for Milk Disco then? “Touring, writing, releasing more music and hopefully becoming minor celebrities so there are pictures of us on the front page of terrible newspapers falling out of clubs being sick on someone.”

The dream. You can catch them supporting Superfood at London's Scala on February 12th.

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Words: Laura Copley

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