John Smedley x Alex James

The pair launch Wool Week with a collaborative jumper.

Much more than a trendy buzzword, sustainability is an essential component for the wellbeing of the planet, and essentially, the continued existence of humanity on earth. Which is something that Blur’s Alex James has long understood within the realms of food produce, but more recently been exposed to within the context of the fashion industry.

As he announces in new documentary, Slowing Down Fast Fashion, “In Britain we discard a million tonnes of clothes every year and replace those with two million tonnes of new clothing, an equation that means not just running out of space but also time.” A scary reality, when you think not that long or even hard about it.

In addition to said documentary (the trailer you should definitely watch, can be found here), the bassist-cum-cheese maker has teamed up with knitwear label John Smedley as part of this year’s Wool Week, the sixth annual event from The Campaign for Wool.

Aside from digging up a pair of jumpers buried by HRH Prince Charles in the grounds of Clarence House four months ago – a John Smedley Merino wool number and a synthetic lookalike, the former which emerged barely recognisable, the latter as good as new – James and the brand have collaborated on a new jumper.

Part of the typical Alex James get up (as he alluded at a small launch event in London yesterday), the new jumper, pictured above, is similarly made from ethically sourced, sustainable and bio-degradable Merino wool; a limited edition of just 50 pieces, the proceeds from sales will all go directly to the Prince’s Trust.


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