“I’m a man of plans”…

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about seduction, style and how to treat their bae right this Valentine’s Day…it’s Jimothy.

Even though he’s been “getting busy” (sorry) with making new music, signing a record deal with Black Butter - home to Rudimental, DJ Khaled, Zara Larsson and J Hus - as well as heading off on a national headline tour, we caught up with the sharp dressed, sharp tongued North London rapper to get his guide to the perfect Valentine’s Day.

And remember: if you don’t have a bae this year don’t worry: your future bae’s out there somewhere.

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First of all, how do you prepare for Valentines Day? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the ‘perfect’ present and booking tables at fancy restaurants, or are you more impulsive and leave things till the last minute?

I’m a man of plans, so I definitely plan stuff. A nice little dinner, a nice little adventure…but I won’t say what, that’s for her to find out, I don’t want to give away any of my secrets.  I’d definitely do a whole day thing though.

With presents it depends really. Like, if she’s into a nice handbag maybe I’ll buy her a handbag. It depends on the little hints she gives me - I pick up on those.

I like to buy clothes too, not ‘dress my girl’ but…well, sort of dress my girl!

I’d like very classic late ‘80s and ‘70s stuff for my date on a Valentine’s date. No particular brand though – all brands can do it, cheap ones, expensive ones…any brand that’s doing well with their classic clothing. A lot of brands aren’t doing classic collections at the moment though.

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If you were going to make a Jimothy Valentine’s mixtape for someone, what tracks would be on there?

There are a few that aren’t out yet - but will be on the new album - that I would put on. One called ‘Victoria Jones’ and another called ‘Listen To You Talk’, ‘Future Bae’ would be on there. 

‘Getting Burberry Socks’ would be on there too - that’s coming out soon, it’s quite feminine, the instrumental and the way I sing. It’s a good one for ladies, a really romantic vibe. And it’s good for guys too, both really.

And I’ve give her ‘Getting Silly’, another song that’s that’s not out yet. It’s one that we could both go crazy on, do a bit of dancing and stuff.

- - - 

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What’s the ultimate Jimothy Valentine’s Date? What would you do to surprise your bae, where would you take them and what makes it special?

First of all a few days before I’d be like, ‘Hey, you know Valentine’s is coming soon but I’m just gonna take it easy.” So I’d sort of trick her. And she’d be testing me too, saying, “Listen I don’t want anything big.” I’d let her test me.

But then straight away on the day we’d do something, then have some dinner, then in the night time go somewhere else for some drinks, maybe go bowling - I like bowling for a date.

Then we’d go back to my place, put on some songs have a few more drinks, have a dance…and you can guess the rest.

If we were going to do a romantic night in instead of going out, I’d cook pasta. It’s good because we’d both be cooking it, so it’s fun for both of us. 

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If someone’s going to treat you, where would you like to be taken on a Valentine’s Day date?

Maybe New York, I just love it there. I love the people, I love everything about that place. I’ve been recently and had a look around - it’s amazing.

The highlight of my trip was probably the subway [famous since the ‘70s for its graffiti] - I wish I’d painted the trains. There’s so many lines I can’t remember which trains I got.

While I was there I went to a Chinese place for dinner and it was amazing – they know how to eat in New York. I went to more expensive places but they were nowhere near as good.

I’d definitely wear my red chords, Prada and Burberry on our date.

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And if someone was getting you a Valentine’s Day gift?

Probably a nice sweater…with my name on it.

Maybe a stripy sweater, marine style with red and dark blue stripes. That would be such a good one.

Have you got any Valentine’s Day stories? Have you been surprised by mystery cards or been taken on any good dates?

To be honest, I’ve been too busy really for relationships or any of that.

I’ve been really focussed on the money, you know? I have had little things but I’m looking forward to relationships.

But this Valentine’s Day I’ve got the KOKO gig - I think the fans might throw some presents to me on the stage, which would be amazing.

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What are your top tips for getting a date? Do you have any moves or flirting tactics?

Yeah so, for girls I’d say look really friendly. Look cool, be cool.

For guys, don’t be insecure but don’t be overly confident. Don’t say things to try and show off - girls can definitely see through that.

Also if you’re lonely, go out and talk to people, you know?

I talk to people, but rule Number One for me is I could not go out and talk to girls anywhere that’s loud, because I’d just be screaming in her ear, and I don’t go outside [at bars or clubs] because I don’t smoke.

So with me it’s after shows, house parties, in supermarkets, …

In the supermarket I’d just be like, ‘Hey this is really random but I love your style. What’s your name?”

Lastly, what would you say to anyone out there feeling lonely this Valentine’s?  

I’d say don’t let society make you sad, don’t let society and whatnot pressure you into feeling lonely – there’s nothing wrong with being single

If you are feeling bad about being single just hang out with a friend, you know? Get your mind off the thing if you’re feeling really depressed about it.

Hang out with a friend, do an activity, anything just do what you can to take your mind off it really.

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Catch Jimothy at the following shows: 


13 Brighton Concorde 2
14 London KOKO
15 Bristol Thekla 

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