Jamz Supernova
1Xtra selector shines a light on the city's underground scene...

Jamz Supernova has never been someone to let borders get in her way.

Playing sets across the globe, the Xtra selector has always sought to pick out sounds that no one else has found, regardless of their origin.

The always on-point selector is set to play the Clash Summer Issue Launch party tomorrow (June 29th) at London's Kamio venue, part of a bill that includes Vanessa White, YGG, and a host of other artists.

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As if that wasn't enough, you can catch Jamz Supernova at Birthdays in Dalston on Friday (June 30th) steering a very special edition of her Future Bounce club night.

Joining forces with Portuguese label Enchufada, the bill features cutting edge sounds from Branko, Boko Boko viber Mina and Potè - grab your ticket HERE.

As a taster, Jamz Supernova has picked out just a few of her favourite underground sounds from Lisbon...

- - -

Buraka Som Sistema - 'Hangover'

This is forever my anthem and my go to festival riddim! It was the first song of Buraka's that I'd ever heard and my first introduction to the Portuguese music scene - and of course Branko! What they've done as a band for Global Club Music has really set the bar for similar bands all across the world. One of my favourite moments was watching them play a sold out show at Heaven - not only was it an amazing show but the love in the room was intoxicating! It was also such a great reminder of how beautiful multicultural London is.

- - -

Dotorado Pro - 'African Scream (Marimbas)'

Many DJs are thankful to Branko for introducing us to Dotorado Pro! Originally from Angola, now living in Portugal! At the tender age of 16 he released this stomper... and with the help of Branko it became a Portuguese anthem! Whilst the track may sound simple the complexities in the groove make it very hard to imitate and really showcases the raw talent of Dotorado Pro. I brought him over to play Future Bounce last December and it was such an incredible moment - especially the chemistry between him and our headliner Roska!

- - -

Branko & Princess Nokia - 'Take Off'

This was taken from Branko's album 'Atlas' - the whole project is an amazing listen. I've always loved the concept of producers travelling the world collaborating with various artists to create a cohesive project! This album saw Branko travel to Cape Town, Sao Paulo, New York, Amsterdam and of course starting in his home of Lisbon! I was aware of Princess Nokia before this record but the two of them on this track is such a treat! And they both share in common a love and passion for their cultures and where they are from.

- - -

Rawtek - 'Rixa'

This track is a curveball! For one, Rawtek are not from Portugal - they are in fact from Los Angeles - and despite it being out since 2016 I only heard it the other day... but boy, does it shell a festival! I've never seen anything like it! Inspired by the Baile Funk sound and signed to one of my favourite labels Mad Decent! This is 100% going in all my future sets!

- - -

Kking kong - 'Pega No Phone'

One of my favourite things about Global Club Music is the edits.For a DJ it's a great way to play something familiar with a unique twist. This flips Travis Scott's 'Pick Up The Phone' into a Baile Funk banger! Whilst Baile Funk originated in Brazil there is a strong musical connection between Portuguese speaking countries. Kking Kong is a dope producer from Lisbon, and a firm part of the Enchufada family! It's definitely worth heading online and checking out Kking Kongs back catalogue for sick edits and dope original vibes!

- - -

Mina - 'Circles' (ft. Lorenzo)

Another producer who is part of the the Enchufada family! Mina is from the UK but her sound is influenced by sounds from around the world and fusing them with UK styles like Funky House. She's released two EPs on Enchufada, her latest one being 'Senta' which is a sick project! Mina's sound is not solely inspired by Portugal but being on a Portuguese label has definitely been a door opener for her, I can't wait to see what she does next.

- - -

Batida - 'Bazuka'

Whilst this record came about before my fascination with the Portuguese music scene its a great indicator that there is so much ground to cover and listening to be done to truly understand musical pockets from around the world! I can't wait for Friday not only to watch and play alongside my favourite DJs but to also be musically educated!

- - -

Future Bounce hits Birthdays in Dalston on June 30th - grab your ticket HERE.

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