"It's Wild!" The Rise Of Mimi Webb

"It's Wild!" The Rise Of Mimi Webb

Chatting early inspirations, her Puma link up, and dealing with the hype...

Young love, heartbreak, and learning to love yourself; breakthrough songstress Mimi Webb has it all covered.

Posing as one of the many artists who found their reach in the TikTok-verse, the blossoming singer-songwriter has quickly flown to the forefront of British music, and in doing so formed a global fanbase with her candid lyricism and rich vocal tone. Like many young adults experiencing the strange journey that comes with falling in love; from the viral hit ‘Dumb Love’, to the more recent ‘7 Stages Of Heartbreak’ EP, Mimi Webb’s vulnerability and pureness sets her apart from other pop risers.

Mimi recently teamed up with PUMA for the launch of the latest Cali Dream campaign; a polite middle-finger up to the expectations of women regarding societal pressures and instead embrace their true selves, the Cali range is made for women who opt for an internal glow up! Known for being a social butterfly and all-round confident woman, Mimi Webb is the epitome of the Cali Dream attitude.

Clash got the chance to catch up with Mimi Webb over an early morning call on Zoom to discuss the collaboration with PUMA, her journey in music thus far, performing at Jingle Bell Ball, and more. Make sure you tap in below to see what Mimi had to say! 

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What did you get up to for New Year?

I spent it with all my best friends, my boyfriend, and my family! We went to this lovely hotel called The Cave in Canterbury, it’s down the road from us, we go there all the time. We watched the fireworks and had a few drinks!

I’d love if you could take me back to the beginning! Talk me through your upbringing and your introduction to music?

I was always performing at school in the talent shows, musical theatre, and also acting! Singing was always the dream. In school I used to do all I could to try and get everyone to acknowledge that that was what I loved doing. When I was 12, I started having piano lessons and the teacher asked me if I could play anything and I said I can play ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele and sing along to it as well – I was really just starting to get into singing at this point, I sang, and he went crazy and told me to do it seriously!

When I finished my GCSEs at 16, I wanted to leave my hometown and see what I could make of it. I went to BIMM Brighton and studied Songwriting there, I lived with a host family for around a year and a half; at this time, I was releasing a lot of content on SoundCloud and YouTube, I also dropped a DnB song on Spotify, which is hilarious because it’s so different to what I do now!

My manager actually ended up finding me through that song and he really loved my voice. After that, he was putting me in studio sessions around London and I was meeting so many different songwriters to build up my network. He ended up sending some of my songs around and all the labels in America started going crazy, we ended up flying out there and signing a deal when I was 18! It all happened within two years, it was wild!

Can you remember the first song you wrote?

Yes! I wrote a song called ‘Pinocchio’ when I was very young! I’ve always been a very fairy-tale kind of person so using that name about my ex-boyfriend in regard to lies, I remember it so well! Everyone was obsessed with that song; the labels went crazy over it!

As far as influences go, you previously cited Dua Lipa; would you say there are any names that have inspired you over the years musically?

I absolutely love Adele; she is a huge inspiration of mine! Just all the goosebump-feels that she brings to her music is incredible. I also love Emeli Sande, Amy Winehouse and Nat King Cole, he is another huge inspiration to me! It’s very different to what I do but if I am having dinner or chilling out, I will play that in the background it’s so lovely! I definitely jump around genre wise to get inspiration!

At which point did you decide you wanted to take your career to the next level?

It was probably when I signed my record deal. That’s when I knew that the hard work had to really kick in and start! I was always really grafting and networking to get to that point but when you’re there, it’s then getting into the process of getting the records out and absolutely smashing it!

I first found you through TikTok and remember your videos in the car showing your parents or friends a track you had made! I think that was such a pivotal point for you in regard to reaching a new audience, how did you find navigating or dealing with the hunger that came from TikTok and them wanting you to drop music?

Everyone wanted ‘Dumb Love’ out and I really wanted to drop it! It’s everything happening in the background with the label and figuring when they are ready to distribute it, I was so hungry to drop it. I’m so excited to get back into it and show you all my new song! Last year when I was really getting into it, I kept asking if we could drop it the next day but there’s such a long process that comes with it! (laughs)

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You dropped your ‘Seven Shades Of Heartbreak’ EP last year! The title explains itself; how did you find making this project? Do you find it easy being vulnerable knowing how many people were going to listen to it?

In the moment I was very open because I was going through a situation whereby, I needed to let it all out. I give my entire self to my music, and in the moment, it was very therapeutic, so it helped a lot. Maybe a month or so down the line after it was out, I thought oh gosh this is very vulnerable! The articles started coming out, I was reading them and fully went through it! I put my all into them, but I had to remind myself that this is what being a songwriter is about, you have to be able to say how you feel.

The topics of love and heartbreak sits at the forefront of your music – when you think of love or relationships, what are the first things that come to mind?

I always see it as a fairy-tale! I think falling in love with someone and having all of those experiences is very magical. It’s something you can’t just have, it’s something that will happen, it’s instant and it’s crazy! I came out of a relationship a few months ago and I have my boyfriend that I’m with now, I did not expect to be in the place that I am in! I thought I would be single for a long time and it all just happened, it wasn’t something I could shake. It’s great! (laughs)

You’ve performed a lot last year! I recently saw that you went to Jingle Bell Ball – how did you find it? It’s such a big crowd! Did you get nervous?

When we were doing the soundcheck, I was so worried about the lift that I came onto the stage with! I had never done one before, so I was nervous about that part the most. I’ve been there before as a fan, I’ve always said I wanted to be on that stage, so the build-up was unreal! Once I got the lift out the way it wasn’t too bad -

And breathe!

Literally! (laughs) Then I just had to focus on singing the songs, the thing is with all the lights you can’t see too far out! It felt like home. The next day I was back in my flat doing the ironing watching the videos back, I was thinking how am I meant to process that?!

That’s such a big reality check as well, coming off stage to then go home and doing the ironing!

Yes! The build-up the week before was immense and then suddenly it’s all over!

What’s your favourite song to perform?

I love performing ‘Heavenly’, ‘Lonely In Love’ and ‘Good Without’, they are my favourites! They are all so different as well. ‘Good Without’ really helped kick start my career, ‘Lonely In Love’ is so emotional and stripped back, and ‘Heavenly’ is very dark and moody!

You have recently partnered with PUMA for the Cali Dream trainer campaign. What does it mean for you, to be involved in a campaign like this?

For me, it’s the feeling of being a part of something that I have always grown-up loving. I have always loved PUMA and everything that they have produced, my favourite artist Dua Lipa is also involved which is a really big and exciting moment for me! *laughs* It just feels perfect for young girls and boys and everyone that can really enjoy the trainers and have fun with it!

This campaign is an extension of feeling confident and glowing up internally! Where do you seek your confidence from?

I definitely take my confidence from the clothes that I am wearing, I can feel really strong and powerful in an outfit. I also really love meeting new people; let’s say you walk into a room full of people you haven’t met before, no one has a clue who you are or knows much about you. I love being able to walk into that room, own it and feel confident! It’s nice to start fresh!

What’s your go-to track or artist on those days where you don’t quite feel yourself and you need a boost?

Dua Lipa, I absolutely love her new album! It’s really dance-y and good vibes. I would also say Bruno Mars, all of his songs are such a jam!

Yes! The Silk Sonic album is so good!

Oohh yes! It’s insane!

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What’s your favourite colour way of the PUMA Cali Dream trainers?

I love the pastel ones, the White-Marshmallow-Chalk Pink – I wear them all the time! I actually wore them for my performance at the Jingle Bell Ball, they are my go-to!

In regard to collaborations, is there anyone that you have always wanted to work with in the UK or overseas?

I would love to do something with Dua Lipa – even if it’s just a session, I need to meet her! (laughs) Miley Cyrus is so cool, that would be insane! It really depends on the song and what angle we are going for and to make sure that it relates with my sound and me as an artist. I would love to work with Giveon as well, that would be incredible!

What is your creative process like?

It’s very melody driven! I go into the studio and lay down some chords that I really love and sound really good together and I will just start humming a melody over it, that’s how it all kicks off!

Putting the music aside, what do you like to do for fun or in your spare time?

I love being with my friends and boyfriend, it’s really great because we’re all in the same group so it’s really nice! I’m from the countryside originally so going for lovely walks is so nice, especially in this weather it’s so cosy! I’m a very social butterfly so I love doing that!

What’s something in your playlist that your supporters wouldn’t necessarily expect to be there?

Probably the Nat King Cole music, he was one of my all-time favourite artists! The music is from a completely different time and really relaxed! 

What can we expect to see from you this coming year?

Lots of very exciting things! Lots of touring, shows, and new music which I am so excited for everyone to hear! We’re going in! It’s going to be a really fun year!

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Cop your new Cali Dream today, available on PUMA.com, PUMA stores and select retailers now with retail prices ranging from £80.

Words: Elle Evans
Photo Credit: Frank Fieber

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