Swoose and Cromby
Swoose and Cromby pick out some names to watch (and Enya...)

Today (March 17th) is St. Patrick's Day, the annual celebration of all things Irish.

It's normally a time for novelty wigs, green rugby tops, and pint after pint of the black stuff - and for once we don't mean vinyl.

But Ireland - both the North and the Republic - has a vibrant, energetic electronic underground, a loose coalition of DJs, producers, promoters, and dancers.

Swoose and Cromby kindly agreed to piece together this handy guide to the new Irish underground.

- - -


Unknown - '004'

First up is a beautiful track from Unknown (aka Chris Hanna) that sounds like a hybrid between Burial and Four Tet. In fact, because of the anonymity of the artist at the time people were convinced it was either them or Thom Yorke. Ellie Goulding posted it asking if she knew who it was! Haha! Top work, check out the rest of the series.

- - -

Space Dimension Controller - 'Butterflies Of Malaysia'

I could easily post 10 Space dimension controller tracks alone to fill this article. Hands down one of my favourite artists, this one was released on royal oak in 2013. Jack is amazing at creating tracks with raw emotion.

- - -

Phil Kieran - 'Snakes Crawl (East Village Mix)'

Up next is a track from Phil Kieran. I love most of Phil’s output but this one really caught my attention as it sounds like something out of 80s NYC - punk-esque with a 4x4 beat. I heard Phil play it in a club and it works as good as it does listening at home.

- - -

New Jackson - 'Having A Coke With You'

I remember a friend playing this for me one day at her house and being blown away at how good it was. Again, a lot of emotion created using very little sound. Pass the sangria!

- - -

Bubba & T-Bone - 'Friendly Fire'

Last but not least, a lesser known track from Bubba and T-Bone (aka Belfast’s head house honcho Timmy Stewart). I couldn’t find this track online anywhere and had to ask Timmy if he could upload it for me. Brings back great memories of going to Shine and being educated on how to be a warm up DJ. I pestered Timmy every month when he played for the name/a copy and eventually he gave in and gave me a copy he ejected from the CD-J after just playing it. Proper tough track.

- - -


John Daly - 'One More City'

Ireland meets Detroit on this lovely slice from John Daly (not to be confused with the golfer) which was out a few years back on secretsundaze.

- - -

Derek Carr - 'Planet Jump'

This one's from an Irish producer that's been enjoying a resurgence of late. Originally released in 2004 on Headspace Recordings, it got a new lease of life last summer on For Those That Knoe. Essential deepness.

- - -

Lerosa - 'Maryelen'

New release from Lerosa this year that's caught my attention on Idle Hands. An underrated (in my eyes) producer that's been steadily putting out great tracks for years... this one's on an electro tip, it bangs.

- - -

Agoria - 'La Onzième Marche' (Phil Kieran Remix)

Was trying not to go for the obvious ones whilst selecting these, but couldn't leave it out. Big one from fellow Belfastian Phil. Grew up to DJs hammering this out at Shine in Belfast's Mandela hall - hard not to loose your shit to it with the lights up at 3am. - - - Enya - 'Boadicea'

Last but not least a bit of Ireland's national treasure Enya. Not exactly dance music but it goes hand in hand as its absolutely essential for the Monday blues. If it's good enough for the Fugees to sample its good enough for me.

- - -

Want to find out more? AVA Festival returns to Belfast later this year (June 2nd - 3rd, in fact).

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