"I do try to do something every single day..."

Rae Morris is a bubbling, overflowing torrent of energy. Only recently turning 21, the songwriter is revelling in the freedom afforded to her by record label Atlantic. Able to spend three years working on her music, Rae has shifted and evolved in a very public manner.

“It’s a strange thing with music, that you kind of expect artists to be the finished article straight away,” she muses. “My parents are all about having work experience, getting a craft or a kind of skill-set. And this is a trade, one I’ve been learning in the past couple of years.”

The hours, weeks and months of graft certainly shine through. Piano driven pop as contagious as it is engrossing, Rae’s output has a warm, open charm. Youthful yet retaining a true sense of maturity, there’s a bravery, an honesty in her approach, which is uniquely endearing.

Recent single ‘Cold’ was a spectacular collaboration with producer Fryars, and found Rae Morris reaching a new level of sophistication in her work. “Fryars is an incredible artist and he’s now a really great friend of mine,” she beams. “I guess, for me, it felt like a step up. It was something I had never done before. It just felt really simple and easy to do.”

Seemingly one of the lessons Fryars took with him into the studio is the importance of being open-minded. “I think that’s the best way to be at all times,” the singer states, “just ready for anything to happen because one conversation could lead somewhere special. It’s the same as anything in life, because if you have an open mind you can be taken by surprise.”

As a result, Rae Morris is almost continually creating. “I do try to do something every single day,” she smiles. “I’m kind of a notorious demo recorder.”

Close to completing her debut album, Rae Morris is taking control of every aspect - right down to the all-important tracklisting. “It kind of feels crazy to say it’s almost finished, but I’m just putting the finishing touches to the artwork and finalising everything. I’d heard so many people say that finalising the tracklisting for your album is the hardest decision you’ll ever make apart from maybe naming your child. If naming your child is that hard,” she laughs, “then I don’t know if I could do it!”

At times deeply autobiographical, the material gathered on Rae’s debut album remains close to her heart. A warm, open performer, the Blackpool-born artist is eager to take her audience with her, to tell her story on a one-to-one basis. “I desperately want people to hear the music as I intended it to be set out,” she explains. “I want people to listen to it from start to finish and I want people to come on a journey through the way I wrote the songs, a journey that I’ve been on.”

“I think the whole essence of what I’ve been trying to do for the past three years is to just give people an insight into my life,” Rae says firmly. “I think there’s no better way to do that than let people sit down with a record and listen to it from start to finish.”

Words: Robin Murray
Photo Credit: Harry Crowder

- - -

Rae Morris is set to release her debut album 'Unguarded' on January 26th.

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