International Pony

Everyone's talking about those 3 crazy Germans

Congratulations on the album, has it been a long one coming?

Yes, it took us nearly four years to produce it.

Were you surprised by the reaction to your music?

Not really, you know, we were quite sure that people had to spend some time with the album, so the late reactions were usually the best.

Did you name yourself after the forgotten 80’s snickers brand?

Pardon me? “International Peanuts” or what?

(I actually meant Pony international)

As international pony your sound is more playful, sometimes mellow. How do you find producing not solely for dance floors?

We really like good albums, not necessarily prog-concept records about dwarfs or pixies, but ones which are thoughtfully compiled with a kind of dramatic build-up to it, that take you onto a journey with your headphones on.

Playing for hours to an over hyped crowd in a sticky club at 3 in the morning is an entirely different experience, isn’t it?

With busy music careers and DJing do you find time to enjoy more mellow music like some of the tracks you have produced, ‘Still So Much’, for example?

We all love mellow music, and it’s always very enjoyable and satisfying to produce some fine and soft tunes to listen to in our bath tubes.

There is plenty of beautiful singing and arrangement on the album, how many people did actually take part in the production process?

Oh, it’s just the three of us, except when we invited guests like Khan and Snax for example. But we had to get them drunk, so they would let go and tune into the Pony vibe. Cosmic DJ is in charge of most of the beautiful singing. He is a very good pop singer, despite his name. Maybe he should rename himself as Cosmic Nightingale.

Would you be interested in getting involved in some obscure art forms like a fellow French duo… the resemblance just shouts out.

We all love mellow music, and it’s always very enjoyable and satisfying to produce some fine and soft tunes to listen to in our bath tubes.


We are all involved in very obscure art forms, but most of them aren’t that glamorous. By the way, god-bless Remy and Martin.

Do you bather yourselves at all with the state of music or do you try and do you just do your own thing and hoping for people to like it?

We couldn’t be bothered less with the state of music, as long as there are still some decent new tunes produced. What could you do more, than hoping that the people will like your music? OK, you could make a complete fool out of yourself and wear funny hats and hold your behind into everyone’s face all the time.

But I think that we’re now too old for that.

Are you planning any live shows? How would the set up be? Live, digital or combination of the two?

We are currently building up our new studio-facilities. So there will be no live-shows this year, sorry. But when we get back to playing live it will be played live on digital instruments, with loads of percussion and chanting and jumping around, right?

As the album is definitely aimed for the world recognition, which is definitely deserved, the decision to name it in German seems obscure. What does the title mean?

“Mit Dir sind wir vier” means in english: “With you we are four” , but that sounds so lame, that we kept it in its origin.

Great work on the album, good luck with it!

Thank you very much.

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