The sounds that inspired their debut album...

Throws is a concept rooted in friendship.

Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders helped found cult heroes Tunng, before Sam departed to focus on his own Diagrams project.

The two remained close friends, however, and took a trip to Iceland last year to recuperate. Crafting ideas in a remote fishing village, they began recording sketches, melodies, and songs before returning to the UK.

Throws was born from these sessions. The project's new album is a whimsical delight, always contagious and frequently moving in the most unaffected manner possible.

Out now on Full Time Hobby, Clash invited Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders to jot down a few Influences.

- - -

David Essex - 'Rock On' (as nominated by Mike Lindsay)

I am addicted to Echo Plex tape slap-back! This tune, while being totally on the edge of cheese, is one of my favourite productions. You can hear its influence all over the Throws record. I love how the even bass line is through the tape echo. Also the strings flitter to and from the forefront of the tune. Super cool!

- - -

Francis Lai - 'Melissa' (Bilitis Soundtrack) (as nominated by Mike Lindsay)

This is an amazing theme from the soundtrack to French soft core porno flick Bilitis. For me, it's the synths that I love. They have a long, slow and deep vibrato which makes them waiver in and out of tune. and they're totally anthemic vintage bad ass. We Used the same synth on the Throws record, but made them a little more out of tune…

- - -

Borko - 'Born To Be Free' (as nominated by Mike Lindsay)

Love this song, and man from Iceland where we made the Throws record. Love the drums (Magnús Trygvason Eliassen), he is the Throws drummer too... in fact he's on every great record being made in Reykjavik at the moment! The lyrics are so matter of fact, and oddly simple yet fantastical, very human and beautiful.

- - -

The Shins - 'Caring Is Creepy' (nominated by Sam Genders)

One thing I love to do with lyrics is play with ambiguity. I love lyrics that sound interesting and create rich images in your mind but that can be interpreted in different ways by different people. I wasn't listening to The Shins when we made this record but I was trying to play with that way of writing lyrics and I think James Mercer is someone who does it really well.

- - -

The Temptations - 'Get Ready' (nominated by Sam Genders)

One of my favourite albums when I was a kid was 'Motown Chartbusters 3'. The vinyl had a shiny silver cover and it was full of Motown greats. This is a brilliant two and a half minute pop tune with that same soul feel that makes an appearance here and there on our record.

- - -

'Throws' is out now.

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