The sounds which inform their new album...
The Soft Moon

The Soft Moon has often been a vehicle for Luis Vasquez darker thoughts.

However the project's new album 'Deeper' perhaps goes further into the black than even Vasquez anticipated.

Fusing industrial tones with skeletal post-punk, it finds the songwriter confronting old wounds in the starkest manner possible.

Yet the end is cathartic, with the album seeming to find peace amidst the shattered ruins, the dying embers.

Out now, Luis Vasquez agreed to piece together some Influences for Clash.

I've decided to put together five inspirations that influenced a certain moment, direction, or overall mood of a particular song on my new record 'Deeper'. Although I try my best to maintain a pure mind when approaching the creation of my music but sometimes you can't help but be inspired by art from the past as a means to grow.

- - -

Minimal Man - 'Sex Teacher' (Atmospheric inspiration for 'Wasting')

One of my heroes is Patrick Miller aka Minimal Man because of his ability to express so much honesty through his left-field songwriting approach. His music seemed a cry for help before he eventually died in his home having been addicted to drugs for some time.

I find the overall mood in which he expresses his emotions through music is similar to how i express mine. Like Miller, I have to be completely brutal when putting everything out there. I take music extremely serious as a means to find inner-peace.

- - -

Michael Jackson - 'Billie Jean' (Beat inspiration for 'Feel')

I tend to return to Michael Jackson every once in a while for inspiration on rhythm patterns and then like to deconstruct them. It's important for me to make music you can dance to even when my music is as dark as it is. It's a way to physically let emotions out rather than always relying on the mind to heal oneself.

For my track 'Feel' I was a bit more literal with expressing how 'Billie Jean' inspired the drums. In a way it was more of a homage to the king of pop.

- - -

Charles Bernstein - 'Relentless Attack' (Inspiration for 'Black')

Usually when i'm inspired by someone else's music it's from film scores. Hearing sounds rather than full compositions is what sparks ideas in my head. In this case when I first heard 'Relentless Attack' I remember telling myself "I want to write a song that sounds like that!".

I really connected with the anxiety, suspense, anger, and aggression that it conveyed, especially at that point in time. This particular influence helped to push my music forward in the direction i needed to go but didn't know how to in the past.

- - -

Einstürzende Neubauten - 'Halber Mensch' Film (Drum Inspiration for 'Deeper')

Rhythm is in my blood and discovering that I had it at a young age is what lead me to be where I am today. Growing up I exposed myself to lots of traditional rhythm's from different parts of the world and I absorbed as much as I could. I had always been obsessed with how percussion communicated to the world and how people used it as an extension of language or even as a way to celebrate life.

It's primal yet universal. Being exposed to Einstürzende Neubauten and their approach to using percussion opened my mind even further teaching me that limits don't exist. The title track on 'Deeper' was heavily influenced by them.

- - -

Descendents - 'Good Good Things (Inspiration for 'Far')

This isn't the first time Descendents have influenced me in some way. I was heavily inspired by them back when I was a kid playing in punk bands. They always had the perfect balance of aggression and melody. Just angry enough for me to get my frustrations out yet melodic enough for me to feel something emotionally.

I was going back to my teen roots while writing 'Far' and wanted to express that sonically but at the same time from an adult point of view. because of this 'Far' has become one of my most personally rewarding tracks I've written.

- - -

'Deeper' is out now.

The Soft Moon have confirmed the following UK shows:

25 London The Garage
26 Leeds The Brudenell Social Club

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