Ten Fé (Credit: Imogen Love)
The sounds that fuel their debut album...

Each new track from Ten Fé feels like a dramatic new step.

Debut album 'Hit The Light' arrives on February 3rd, and it's perhaps the duo's most potent, most invigorating step to date.

The end point of a lengthy journey, Ten Fé began busking on the London underground, before retreating to a Birmingham bedroom and finding focus in a Berlin studio.

The band's name means "have faith" and that's a suitable opening gambit - songwriting that is rooted in the idea that music can shift people's lives.

Ahead of Ten Fé releasing their debut album Clash asked them about the Influences that fuel the new record...

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The Rolling Stones - 'Loving Cup'

Ahh, it was during that sultry summer when we wrote the songs for the album, that we both converged on 'Exile On Main Street' by the Stones... It's sticky... it's raw... it's dirty... it's funky rock n roll, and you can hear their feet stomping on that basement floor in that big old house in Nellcote... We really probably should stop listening to it so much, but how could we argue with that groove...?

- - -

Neu! - 'Hallogallo'

There are lots and lots of really great bands around now that sound like they've been effected in some way by Krautrock music. But, when we started listening to Neu , it really helped us to find a way of getting a spaciousness into the sound that allowed the songs to breathe over the top, whilst still having that insistent, driving energy from the drums. It felt fresh. It's definitely been an important influence on our music, and, Klaus Dinger never felt far away when we were recording the album in Berlin.

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Patti Smith - 'Horses'

We're big fans of Patti Smith... Reading her memoir Just Kids you get such a strong sense of what feeds her passion for art and living. She lives and breathes the culture that she has been immersing herself in throughout her youth. Being in New York at that time in the early 70s too, there was just so much that was fresh and exciting going on. It's so inspiring to see someone who believes in the power of what they are doing, beyond just playing good tunes.

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U2 - 'Where The Streets Have No Name'

Where to start? ...before we were even in a band, the pair of us would stay up all night getting pissed and having long, long sessions listening to U2, we'd just be sitting there going "I love U2... yeah, me too, I fucking love U2 ... fucking hell we love U2, don't we? ...yeah we fucking love U2". So we love U2 and if you don't get it, then you don't get it, but shame on you if not...!

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George Harrison - 'All Things Must Pass'

We had this album on a massive amount throughout the whole time we wrote the album up in Walsall... we were there in summer, and recording our demos in a room that was often flooded with rich sunlight; and from the window there's a mad view off over the whole of The Black Country and across to the Welsh Hills. It was a deep process; and this album is simple proof that something - a song, a work of art, whatever - can be epic and delicate in equal measure.

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Ten Fé will release debut album 'Hit The Light' on February 3rd.

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