The sounds behind new single 'To My Brother'
Swim Deep

In one fell swoop Swim Deep managed to sidestep reputations and raise expectations.

New track 'To My Brother' fuses a gospel-tinged melody to production that is sheer Acid House – from the squelchy Roland bassline right down to the loose fit percussion.

A euphoric, ambitious return it promptly glued itself to the Clash stereo and has remained there ever since.

Invited to discuss the influences behind the track, the varied members of Swim Deep opted to pick one track each.

Spread between vintage Acid House, classic synth pop and oddball cuts, it's an insight into the making of their upcoming second album.

- - -

Paranoid London - 'Paris Dub 1' (as nominated by Austin)

The thing I most love about 'Paranoid London' is the pureness; it's crystal clear, far from the reverb drenched indie I've been surrounded by as a teenager. This is electric, just spiky as hell, like that nightmare one has about holding something massive that feels like a pin prick on your fingers. The melting ghost vocals make my kneecaps double jointed.

- - -

A Guy Called Gerald - 'Voodoo Ray (Gerald's Rham On Acid Remix)' (as nominated by James)

Obviously the original is a pinnacle of acid house music. I heard this version when I lived next door to a bunch of Irish 'chemists' in Manchester - we came back from a warehouse party one night and one of them played it to me on the original seven inch vinyl at about seven in the morning. It's just like the original, but with way more acid in it.

- - -

808 State - 'In Yer Face' (as nominated by Zack)

I was introduced to this band by my dad when I recently brought an 808 drum machine. He told me to listen to the album ex:El which this track's from. This is the track that stood out instantly. The spoken word, then the synth bass drop and then the beat that's surrounded by endless euphoria is the best thing I've heard.

- - -

Mercury Rev - 'Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers Remix)' (as nominated by Cavan)

The first time I heard this remix was when my manager (Feel Good Mike) played it in Paris I lost my mind. Everything the Chemical Brothers touch turns to gold. It's louder than anything I've heard.

- - -

Tubeway Army - 'Are 'Friends' Electric?' (as nominated by Higgy)

When I was growing up I was heavily influenced by the 80s music my dad used to listen to. This is a proper synth pop classic, and features the Minimoog synthesiser which has been used religiously on our new record. It creates such a dark wall of synthesised sound and makes you feel like you're in a science fiction epic.

- - -

'To My Brother' is out now. Catch Swim Deep at the following shows:

31 Manchester Deaf Institute

1 London Electrowerkz
2 Birmingham Oobleck
3 Glasgow King Tuts

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