The sounds that inform his new album...

There are many different sides to Redlight.

Emerging in the aftermath of dubstep, he gathered together the splinters of bass culture, house, hip-hop, and more into his work.

Enjoying both underground respect and mainstream acclaim, the producer even managed to crack the Top 5 with his single 'Lost In Your Love'.

New album 'ACTIVE' is out now, a 10 track collection that found Redlight challenging himself still further, utilising tropes from Stateside hip-hop, underground house, and much more.

Clash caught up with Redlight to find out the sounds that inform his new album...

- - -

Cardi B & Offset - 'Drip'

The production and vocal production on this track definitely inspired me with some of the rap moments on my album, just solid big kicks making bass push on to the speaker cone is what I'm looking for from U.S. production in hip-hop these days, they just know how to mix down records like no one else.

- - -

Basement Jaxx - 'Red Alert'

Again the production and energy of early Basement Jaxx is something that I always dream of when i put a project together, as I still to this day don't think anyone has done a 4x4 house vocal bass type album better than them, I just listened to 'Red Alert' on YouTube just now before writing this and it still sounds so fucking good.

- - -

Chris Lorenzo - 'Promised Lands'

Not in particular this track, but just Chris Lorenso's work in general - he doesn't give a shit, cracks on and creates his own sound... that for me is the essence of having longevity in creativity. 'ACTIVE' is about just that not giving a shit what other people think of what I'm doing, 'cause I really couldn't give a shit. And I feel that in Chris' music too.

- - -

K Trap X LD (67) - 'Edgware Road'

Not just this track but all the UK rap / Drill stuff is just on point, anarchist shit - in it's own lane and just going for it... Rowdy! Just how British punk music should be. Always try to carry a bit of this attitude with me, when making beats.

- - -

Redlight - 'Source 16'

I've looked back to my own production from early 2010 for this project, as the drums and production were more stripped back 'n' raw then. I wanted to get that energy on the record with new vocals and attitude but just be something different, as back then everyone else was making dubstep and we came through with a fresh flex.

I wanna carry that on now - just force through new ideas and sounds... I'm not trying to fit in a genre so people can box me in, I just want to use my platform to carry on creating different shit!

- - -

'ACTIVE' is out now.

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