Pavo Pavo
Brooklyn experimental pop outfit head to Europe...

Pavo Pavo met while studying music at Yale, one of the most prestigious universities in North America.

Yet there's nothing stuffy, nothing staid about their songwriting - cerebral, for sure, but also playful, and gently surreal.

Snapped up by Bella Union the band's show at Iceland Airwaves was an absolute standout, while debut album 'Young Narrator In The Breakers' is out now.

Set to play a handful of no doubt feverish UK shows, Pavo Pavo kindly agreed to pen a few words on their Influences - check 'em out below.

- - -

Beach Boys - 'Surf's Up'

In the name of honesty, this list kind of has to start with Brian Wilson. Even though it won't be a fresh find for most people, and is a shared influence for so many bands, this track blew our minds at just the right moment as we were starting to work on our record. It's three-part writing - the bass-line, the chord changes, and the vocal melodies all operate independently, and tug in different directions, creating this amazing sense of unrest (and sometimes rest!). Combined with the filled-to-the-brim arrangements that somehow still feels spacious... there's really nothing like it.

- - -

Daredevil Christopher Wright - 'Church'

These are our friends from Minneapolis, we played a few shows with them as we started writing the songs that would become young narrator in the breakers, and in retrospect I see their footprints in the snow on a number of our tracks. I love how this song has such distinct characters - the grandfatherly bass chugging along, the wandering classical guitar, the halo of harmonies - it's very dramatic, and cinematic in a way.

- - -

Beach House - 'Silver Soul'

We think and talk a lot about how music is gendered - not just whether the singer is a guy or girl, but how different types of guitar sounds or drum sounds or song forms can make a band feel more male or female. and of course both can be great, and both can be terrible, just like guys and girls themselves! Beach House is a band that is such a lovely combination of male and female energies - there's something about them that feels so balanced, and harmonious in the grander sense. may we all shine through our bands like Victoria and Alex.

- - -

Monteverdi - 'Cruda Amarilli'

Some renaissance vocal music also ought to be on this list for journalistic reasons, like 'Surf's Up'. We all grew up singing, and sight-singing from Madrigal books, caroling, that sort of thing, and Renaissance polyphony is very personally sentimental and also just in our DNA. And, when Eliza's not busy with Pavo Pavo, she spends a lot of time making music like this in churches and performing arts centres, with Roomful Of Teeth, John Zorn, The Bang On A Can All Stars, and others. Humans pushing air through space.

- - -

The Flamingos - 'I Only Have Eyes For You'

When you listen to a recording, it often brings to mind a space - is this meant to be heard in a dingy rock club? On the top of a mountain? In your bedroom with headphones? Around a campfire? This recording, from 1959, sits in the most mysterious, beautiful space in my mind. They even say in the lyrics, "I don't know if we're in a garden or on a crowded avenue." There's no way of making music like this in 2016, and that's totally fine - we're just happy this exists.

- - -

Catch Pavo Pavo at the following shows:

15 London The Lexington (PIAS Nites)
17 Manchester The Ruby
18 London Oslo Hackney

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