From DJ Rashad to silence...
Nosaj Thing

Nosaj Thing – real name Jason Chung – first began catching wider attention some six years ago.

A producer loosely linked to the Low End Theory coterie – itself governed more by approach than any shared aesthetic – it seemed that the Los Angeles beat maker was willing to break any rule placed in his way.

Fast forward six years and across a series of albums Nosaj Thing has deftly subverted notions of what his music should sound like and how it should operate.

Recently working with both Toro Y Moi and Kendrick Lamar before heading into the studio under his own steam, new album 'Fated' touches on everything from hip hop to IDM, ambient and straight up pop.

Out on May 4th, Clash invited Nosaj Thing to name a few vital influences on his new record.

- - -

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DJ Rashad - 'Pass That Shit'

Rashad's music hit me right away since I first heard it. His sound inspired so many of us in such a short amount of time. RIP Rashad.

- - -

Whoarei - 'Adore'

My friend Adam Guzman does 90% of the graphic design for my records and art directs our label, timetable records. He found Whoarei on a blog and told me to check it out... got so hyped, we signed him. He's 22 from NorCal and already has an effortless style of his own. He's on my new album coming out and when I was in the studio with Kendrick, I felt like his sound would fit so I played it for him and he started to record on it. The track ended up on 'To Pimp A Butterfly'. His debut LP will be out soon on Timetable.

- - -

Katie Gately - 'Pivot'

I don't remember how I found Katie's music but I just emailed her after I heard it and she happened to be in LA. We just vibed out and ended up making a track together called '2K'. She ended up taking over the session and started manipulating her voice. I hope to work with her again soon.

- - -

Motor City Drum Ensemble - 'Raw Cuts #6'

Chaz from Toro y Moi put me onto mcde a while back and this tracks been on constant rotation when I do DJ gigs. I'm just really into this groove with the nice chords.

- - -

I can't really achieve true silence at home but I just like to tune everything out and just clear my mind before I work. It takes me a while to get in the right zone to start writing. I'm just learning how to better my focus.

- - -

'Fated' is set to be released on May 4th through Timetable / Innovative Leisure.

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